Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tunic and Treasury!

My second time for treasury picked up by Etsy admin!
I am lucky!

I was wondering what is going on when I found so many people added my shop to their favorite in a day. I thought one of my item was picked up somewhere, but it took a while to find out.

The first time for treasury, the etsy admin who picked up kindly sent me a message. I could know about it thanks to her, but this time.

I am anyway very happy to see my item in the treasury!! :-D
Thank you!

Ok, I have made a tunic for a child!
It is very different to sew a cloth from to sew a bag or a quilt.
It wasn't difficult, it was different.

I used a Japanese pattern that is for 2T - 5T, I picked up the largest size..., 5T. Japanese outfit size is smaller than the US size. So maybe it would be the same as 4T of American size.

I am thinking to give this to my husband's friend's daughter who is 4 years old, but.... she is a big girl. I asked her father (my husband's friend) what size she wears, and the answer was 6T - 7T... I am not sure if this tunic would fit her.

All I felt after I finished making it was "Maybe I don't like to sew clothes :( " I prefer making quilts!

My mother is a professional of dress maker. She used to make a lot of clothes for me, even suits. She is able to draw patterns too. My clothes were always like a custom order. I should really appreciate her!