Friday, June 13, 2008


House renovation is not going well :( My husband keeps finding new problems to fix on the ceiling.
It is left for around a week because always something to do come up as well :(
We didn't have electricity twice after the storms lately, and one company which is offering my husband to work with keep sending papers to fill out (but we never know if he gets the job or not yet), his friend is asking him for chores, our oldest rabbit is sick... etc. All of unpredictable things are delaying the renovation.

I have been hoping my husband to find a new job very soon, but at the same time, I will miss him about being separated when he goes to work. But he has to find a job!!

Here are some pictures of my idols (my nephews) :-D
Oh, oh, oh, they are really cute and adorable!
My sister in law sometimes send me their pictures in mails, and my brother also sometimes send me from his cell phone.

This is my first nephew -- Yuta.
His smiling face will kill many ladies in future! I mean it! I have almost cried!

This is my second nephew -- Hayato.
He started to go to kindergarten from this Spring. This picture was taken by my brother at the entrance celemony. Cool!!

In Japan, we have many small summer festivals in this season!
They are in the festival costume :)

And taking a bath together!

They are good friends each other.
My sister in law told me that they go to the same kindergarten, and Yuta always care about Hayato. Yuta often goes to Hayato's class to see how Hayato is doing. One time, Hayato had a fight with other child, and he ended up crying! Yuta saw it, and rushed to his class teacher to ask for saving Hayato.

I keep looking, looking, looking at the pictures over and over again. All of the episodes I hear from my sister in law impress me very much as I sometimes weep.
I cannot stop myself to sending gifts to them, always looking for something for them. I know too much is not good, though.... I appreciate my sister in law for trying them to not forget me. I want to visit them every half year! I really miss them.


I am trying to make toddler sized clothes since my friend was so happy when I gifted it for her daughter's birthday. She said I should make it for sale, but to sew clothes is not my field. I anyway got some patterns, and am going to try to do. I read through the explanations on the pattern, it seems not so difficult for me.

My first tunic will be made with these fabrics --- Japanese yukata (kimono for summer, or kimono styled pajama) fabric --.
I hope it goes well.