Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New sewing machines!

Unbelievably incredible things happened to me.

I have got a new sewing machines for me! They are a gift from my friends, I am drowning in their huge kindness.

Since my sewing machine sometimes started not to work properly, I was looking for a good sewing machine. I am strongly interested in Bernina sewing machine, but it's very expensive as I cannot afford new machines. And I had no idea of what model is good for me, and if the price is right for the machine. So, I have been just looking on the web to collect informations for a long time. According to my friends and people I see on the internet say even an used machine from Bernina works great, it last long time. Many people want to buy used one. But even an used machine is still expensive. I was looking the other maker's machines either.

One day, I answered questionnaire from the quilting group. So many funny questions are there, and I answered "Sewing machine" to one question of "What should Stella look for for you at the World's Longest Yard Sale?"

It is amazing the organizer of the group noticed that I am looking for a sewing machine, and she spread my e-mail about a sewing machine that I wrote to her to all members of the group, saying "I know some of the ladies sometimes would like to get rid of a sewing machine they have if they have more than one. We can ask the Playgroup ladies and see if anyone has an extra.". She is always very thoughtful, has been helping me a lot with just a right way for me since I met her. It's amazing.

I immediately received one e-mail from a lady who offers me her old sewing machine.
I have got the machine yesterday, it incredibly runs perfect! Everybody can see the machine has been taken good care of by her, obviously it is one of her treasure, stable, heavy, silent, runs very smooth. This machine is the REAL sewing machine, I felt my machine is just a toy compared to her machine.

I will treat this machine well in my best as my treasure, get along with it for a long time.....

At the same time.
Other of my friend who read the spread e-mail asked me if I am interested in her serger (overlock sewing machine).
I was thinking to buy a serger on this Black Friday, since I started to sew clothes for children. The sales items for door busters at Jo-Ann is very similar every year. My friend got it the last year, and I expect it this year, too. I told her about this, and asked her the price she would like to sell at. I didn't receive reply from her for a few days, but received a big box today which was sent by her instead.

I still cannot believe these fortunes happened to me in real. I am like being in a dream. I don't know how I can describe how I feel. All I can say to them is just "thank you", and I will never forget their kindness.

My nephews :)

The photo was taken in Okinawa. They are in a traditional Okinawa costume. So cute!

I have received a great news from my sister-in-law the other day. She is going to have 3rd baby in Feb!! Woo hoo!!
I hope (probably all relatives hope) the 3rd baby is a girl!! I will make many things for my niece! How fun!!

Family and friends are treasure, nothing else.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pillowcase dress

When I made a tunic for children, I thought I wouldn't make a toddler clothes again.

I have found a pretty dress which can be made very easily. I didn't know this dress style is called pillowcase dress. I think I didn't try to make it if the dress name wasn't pillowcase dress, because I wouldn't have an idea of how to make it.

I am now love this dress to make!
It's pretty, very easy to make, adjustable to fit some ages!

I used gorgeous embroidered cotton fabric which was laying in my closet for a long time, it worked greatly!! I love the result, so I have made 2 dresses. One is for sale which would be fit up to 5T, the other one is for my friend's daughter who is 6 months old. My friend's daughter has just started to be able to stand up, she will start to walk soon :)

My friend has already seen the bigger size one, and she liked it. I hope it fit nicely to her daughter.

I added lining to it, since I thought the embroidery fabric would bother children's skin.

Small dress is just adorable. It makes me feel very happy just to see it.

I am now working on a project of "18x18" which was provided by my quilting group. The theme is "cool" or "hot" (or both if you like). Describe with any method you like in 18" square quilt. This is it.

I thought I would cut out tree and leaves shape of this, put white fabric for the background. But I found it's impossible with this surface. I am thinking what I should do after this...

And I thought it would be interesting if I would make a pillowcase dress with this. I anyway have leftover from this project. It would be fun.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Busy days!

So many things to do come up everyday! I think it is happiness.
I have been thinking about I better make a list what I need to do, since I keep dropping some things everyday :(

My 8th rabbit has finally joined in my family about 10 days ago!!

Her name is Groucho! :( Yes, it is from Groucho Marx.
My husband kept saying "I cannot think of other name idea. SHE IS GROUCHO!! She just looks like Groucho!!" I don't mind what name she has, but I feel a little sorry for her named of the old man..., but I cannot help it. My husband added "I will call her Groucho, even you name her different name!"

Groucho with her partner Boo.
I am glad to see they are very happy everyday, but at the same time, I feel like my son has gone somewhere with his girlfriend. Boo is a very nice guy, he is the best guy among my rabbits. His personality is just great. He keeps licking her all the time! I was worrying a little bit if they get along each other, but it's just perfect!

Boo looks very happy and feeling more comfortable since he got her. He often lay down on the floor stretching his legs out much more than before. My husband says "He looks like he became a man from a boy with his wife and his home." It might be true.

Groucho is 5 months old. Her food is special to grow than other adult rabbits. I often need to separate Groucho and Boo to not him eats her food. He is a little over weight, he needs diet. It was the day before yesterday, I was trying to get her out of the cage, but she didn't like it. Boo just rush to my hand, and started to punch it with his front legs, then he bit me!! I understand that was to protect her, but I felt a little sad because he has never done that to me.

To see their "Love, Love" life makes me happy very much! I sometimes just watch them around an hour... they let me forget time.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

A bag for 2 years old girl.

Summer is a birthdays season!
This is one of a gift I made for 2 years old girl of my friend.

I estimated the strings length, I hope it would work for her. In the case of it's too short, I put 2 of D rings on both sides, so my friend would be able to change the strings to longer one easily. I looked for a adjuster, but could not get the right size one.

My friend has a blog (written in Japanese). I sometimes check it to know how she is doing. Her sentences and her daughter make me smile naturally. I hope her daughter would like the bag! I didn't put any closure on the bag, because I thought it might be difficult for 2 years old girl to open and to close with the closure. So I made the top cover wider instead. I feel like my friend would say "A 2 years old girl can do many things easily than you think!" though.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Had a good time!

I was able to see my friend after a long time, finally!
Her husband and my husband sounds feeling something each other, we could have a meeting with husbands!

I love to try a fancy restaurant!
I don't have many opportunities for it, since my husband is a vegetarian who strictly avoid oils because of high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Many restaurants have vegetarian menus, but it is impossible to keep oil level low. So his selection of restaurant is very narrow, it's only I-HOP for now. He sometimes gives up himself and takes me to Indian, Thai, Chinese restaurant which has buffet, so he can eat vegetables as much as he wants. And I LOVE Indian and Thai food!

So, today's restaurant was Artie's !
It was my friend choice :) They have a beautiful bar and dining!

While we were waiting for my friend and her husband, we tried the bar too.

I don't know about cocktails, and I love surprise. I left to my husband his choice for me. He picked up Bloody Mary (Vodka + Tomato juice) for both of us.

Their Bloody Mary was very interesting and unique. I didn't expect horse radish and spice in it! The spice was a lot as well as I have got a sore throat. But after I complained about it, I may want to try it again. I am wondering. Maybe, a little less spices would make a delicious Bloody Mary.

After the lunch, my friend took us to an Asian supermarket! It was right next to the restaurant. There are 2 Asian supermarkets in my area, but they don't carry many Japanese products. I am so impressed that I could find Japanese noodles I have been looking for for a long time!! Woo!!