Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New sewing machines!

Unbelievably incredible things happened to me.

I have got a new sewing machines for me! They are a gift from my friends, I am drowning in their huge kindness.

Since my sewing machine sometimes started not to work properly, I was looking for a good sewing machine. I am strongly interested in Bernina sewing machine, but it's very expensive as I cannot afford new machines. And I had no idea of what model is good for me, and if the price is right for the machine. So, I have been just looking on the web to collect informations for a long time. According to my friends and people I see on the internet say even an used machine from Bernina works great, it last long time. Many people want to buy used one. But even an used machine is still expensive. I was looking the other maker's machines either.

One day, I answered questionnaire from the quilting group. So many funny questions are there, and I answered "Sewing machine" to one question of "What should Stella look for for you at the World's Longest Yard Sale?"

It is amazing the organizer of the group noticed that I am looking for a sewing machine, and she spread my e-mail about a sewing machine that I wrote to her to all members of the group, saying "I know some of the ladies sometimes would like to get rid of a sewing machine they have if they have more than one. We can ask the Playgroup ladies and see if anyone has an extra.". She is always very thoughtful, has been helping me a lot with just a right way for me since I met her. It's amazing.

I immediately received one e-mail from a lady who offers me her old sewing machine.
I have got the machine yesterday, it incredibly runs perfect! Everybody can see the machine has been taken good care of by her, obviously it is one of her treasure, stable, heavy, silent, runs very smooth. This machine is the REAL sewing machine, I felt my machine is just a toy compared to her machine.

I will treat this machine well in my best as my treasure, get along with it for a long time.....

At the same time.
Other of my friend who read the spread e-mail asked me if I am interested in her serger (overlock sewing machine).
I was thinking to buy a serger on this Black Friday, since I started to sew clothes for children. The sales items for door busters at Jo-Ann is very similar every year. My friend got it the last year, and I expect it this year, too. I told her about this, and asked her the price she would like to sell at. I didn't receive reply from her for a few days, but received a big box today which was sent by her instead.

I still cannot believe these fortunes happened to me in real. I am like being in a dream. I don't know how I can describe how I feel. All I can say to them is just "thank you", and I will never forget their kindness.

My nephews :)

The photo was taken in Okinawa. They are in a traditional Okinawa costume. So cute!

I have received a great news from my sister-in-law the other day. She is going to have 3rd baby in Feb!! Woo hoo!!
I hope (probably all relatives hope) the 3rd baby is a girl!! I will make many things for my niece! How fun!!

Family and friends are treasure, nothing else.