Monday, July 21, 2008

Pillowcase dress

When I made a tunic for children, I thought I wouldn't make a toddler clothes again.

I have found a pretty dress which can be made very easily. I didn't know this dress style is called pillowcase dress. I think I didn't try to make it if the dress name wasn't pillowcase dress, because I wouldn't have an idea of how to make it.

I am now love this dress to make!
It's pretty, very easy to make, adjustable to fit some ages!

I used gorgeous embroidered cotton fabric which was laying in my closet for a long time, it worked greatly!! I love the result, so I have made 2 dresses. One is for sale which would be fit up to 5T, the other one is for my friend's daughter who is 6 months old. My friend's daughter has just started to be able to stand up, she will start to walk soon :)

My friend has already seen the bigger size one, and she liked it. I hope it fit nicely to her daughter.

I added lining to it, since I thought the embroidery fabric would bother children's skin.

Small dress is just adorable. It makes me feel very happy just to see it.

I am now working on a project of "18x18" which was provided by my quilting group. The theme is "cool" or "hot" (or both if you like). Describe with any method you like in 18" square quilt. This is it.

I thought I would cut out tree and leaves shape of this, put white fabric for the background. But I found it's impossible with this surface. I am thinking what I should do after this...

And I thought it would be interesting if I would make a pillowcase dress with this. I anyway have leftover from this project. It would be fun.