Thursday, August 14, 2008

My challenge.

I have wanted to sew (patch) circles for a long time!
The quilt I am working on now is for my pleasure, and actually for my friend. I have enough time to do something time consuming until the due, so I finally started what I wanted to do.

This is a quarter of a circle. Making something like the Sun shape.
The basic colors are white natural and orange. I am collecting orange color batik fabric from everywhere. I need 16 kinds of it. I purchased a lot of batik fabrics on e-bay and at the local stores lately. (I have another story about it :( Sigh...)
I think this quilt is not similar taste to the quilts that my friend make. Yes, she is a quilter too. I thought I would make an Asian styled one first, but I cannot forget her beautiful yards, her delightful smiling face with her husband in a picture which was also like the Sun. I am imaging her to enjoy this quilt when she does something in the yard, like reading a book, have a breakfast..., something like that.
And maybe, she would be happy to have a surprise?? I am not sure though. (She is not supposed to checking my blog.)

So, I started to sew the pieces together in normal way! But..., it didn't go well :(
Look at this messy piece. It should draw curve on the top and on the bottom, but it is almost straight!!

So, I drew patterns for paper piecing with my computer using the each small pieces of the pattern that are on a book.
I used filler paper to print, because it is thinner than copy paper, I can see through the sewing lines from the back.

This is the view of the back of the quarter of the circle block.
It is working great for me :) Paper piecing technique is very convenient to make a complicated block. I appreciate a person who discovered this technique!

My mother has sent me some pictures of my cats.
She uses her cell phone to take and to send picture, and e-mailing me.

They are both female who are almost 20 years old. They don't look older than I saw them in person in the last summer. My mother says they are doing very fine, nothing difference, but I will have a fact of their (and my oldest rabbit) death very soon. I have to be prepared for it. My husband says "What all of people cannot avoid once you were born is the death and the taxes."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Washing my keyboard :(

I have spilled beer on my keyboard 4 days ago :(
I thought it would not be a big problem for typing, but it was. Each key got harder to type, sometimes it is very firm and it doesn't get up after typed!!
I didn't have time to wash it for 2 days after that happening, but finally asked my husband yesterday how he did it before. I have heard he has spilled coffee on this keyboard (he uses other one for his computer now), and washed whole of it, dried well, there was no problem.

So, my keyboard was washed twice! ha.

Look at this messy inside of the keyboard!!
All plastic small keys were removed from the board.
My computer is in the family room which is a play room for my rabbits. It is hard to believe that rabbit's fur is even in this narrow spaces!! It could be a time to wash it anyway!

My husband is washing it really with kitchen soap. It is in a bucket in the sink of the kitchen.

And dried it well under the sun!

I waited for about 2 hours to get it dry completely. I am glad we are in summer now. Although the weather is very lovely cool lately, the sunshine is still for summer.

I couldn't believe when I ever heard he washed it, but it works. He told me that "Don't recommend it to other people." though ;)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Playing with the serger

Finally, played with the serger!!!

I felt the machine is complicated to work with, when I anyway read the manual.
And it was :( My mother has a serger also, but her machine can have only 2 thread. This serger needs 4 thread to serge, all thread go through different points on the machine.

I was so impressed when it worked properly, I was worrying what if it's broken because of my wrong thread setting.

Tested with my husband's old shirt :D
It beautifully serge!!

This is the first serged seams for me :)
PERFECT!!!, isn't it?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Midinight sewing

I lately sew in midnight during 10pm to 6am. It's because my sewing room is so hot! without air conditioning, have to wait until the temperature drops down.
Here are I have done in a few days.

:: Cushion covers ::

They are from the "18 x 18" project from the quilting Playgroup. The main project work is not completed yet, I am still thinking what I should do next for it. I want to add something white, but I am not sure what and how.

To make this surface is very fun! I brought the project work to the Playgroup last week, and one lady told me that it would be great as a cushion! I started to make it, but it was hard to put it together to turn into a cushion cover. It wasn't so hard when I made a pillowcase dress with it.

This is not made by smocking, but still shrink or expands. When I finished putting together, it wasn't even a rectangle anymore, I was almost self-abandoned and wanted to cry. But after it was done, it wasn't bad at all, and looks so gorgeous! So, I have decided to list them on Etsy :)

:: White Quilt ::

This quilt was what I wanted to make for a long time, since I've got some nice textured in natural white fabrics. It is very fun to collect the materials for it, I used some kinds of cotton lace on it, wanted to put very girly gothic atmosphere on it. I thought I would put some crocheted hearts on it, and even got them though, didn't use them. I am now thinking to use them on clothes for a girl.

During I was looking for cotton lace on e-bay, I've got a great deal!!
This was $15.00 including shipping!

The description said, the lace length is 200 yards... I am not sure if it's true or not, but it's a LOT! Hope I could spend them up before I die.