Sunday, August 03, 2008

Midinight sewing

I lately sew in midnight during 10pm to 6am. It's because my sewing room is so hot! without air conditioning, have to wait until the temperature drops down.
Here are I have done in a few days.

:: Cushion covers ::

They are from the "18 x 18" project from the quilting Playgroup. The main project work is not completed yet, I am still thinking what I should do next for it. I want to add something white, but I am not sure what and how.

To make this surface is very fun! I brought the project work to the Playgroup last week, and one lady told me that it would be great as a cushion! I started to make it, but it was hard to put it together to turn into a cushion cover. It wasn't so hard when I made a pillowcase dress with it.

This is not made by smocking, but still shrink or expands. When I finished putting together, it wasn't even a rectangle anymore, I was almost self-abandoned and wanted to cry. But after it was done, it wasn't bad at all, and looks so gorgeous! So, I have decided to list them on Etsy :)

:: White Quilt ::

This quilt was what I wanted to make for a long time, since I've got some nice textured in natural white fabrics. It is very fun to collect the materials for it, I used some kinds of cotton lace on it, wanted to put very girly gothic atmosphere on it. I thought I would put some crocheted hearts on it, and even got them though, didn't use them. I am now thinking to use them on clothes for a girl.

During I was looking for cotton lace on e-bay, I've got a great deal!!
This was $15.00 including shipping!

The description said, the lace length is 200 yards... I am not sure if it's true or not, but it's a LOT! Hope I could spend them up before I die.