Thursday, August 14, 2008

My challenge.

I have wanted to sew (patch) circles for a long time!
The quilt I am working on now is for my pleasure, and actually for my friend. I have enough time to do something time consuming until the due, so I finally started what I wanted to do.

This is a quarter of a circle. Making something like the Sun shape.
The basic colors are white natural and orange. I am collecting orange color batik fabric from everywhere. I need 16 kinds of it. I purchased a lot of batik fabrics on e-bay and at the local stores lately. (I have another story about it :( Sigh...)
I think this quilt is not similar taste to the quilts that my friend make. Yes, she is a quilter too. I thought I would make an Asian styled one first, but I cannot forget her beautiful yards, her delightful smiling face with her husband in a picture which was also like the Sun. I am imaging her to enjoy this quilt when she does something in the yard, like reading a book, have a breakfast..., something like that.
And maybe, she would be happy to have a surprise?? I am not sure though. (She is not supposed to checking my blog.)

So, I started to sew the pieces together in normal way! But..., it didn't go well :(
Look at this messy piece. It should draw curve on the top and on the bottom, but it is almost straight!!

So, I drew patterns for paper piecing with my computer using the each small pieces of the pattern that are on a book.
I used filler paper to print, because it is thinner than copy paper, I can see through the sewing lines from the back.

This is the view of the back of the quarter of the circle block.
It is working great for me :) Paper piecing technique is very convenient to make a complicated block. I appreciate a person who discovered this technique!

My mother has sent me some pictures of my cats.
She uses her cell phone to take and to send picture, and e-mailing me.

They are both female who are almost 20 years old. They don't look older than I saw them in person in the last summer. My mother says they are doing very fine, nothing difference, but I will have a fact of their (and my oldest rabbit) death very soon. I have to be prepared for it. My husband says "What all of people cannot avoid once you were born is the death and the taxes."