Thursday, September 18, 2008


I received one message from my friend last night.
Her bunny Naru has passed away in the Tuesday morning at the age of 11. Naru had been sick with some health problems since he was a baby. Even new problems were found one after another especially in the last few years. My friend kept working with the dependable vet for resolving his health problems, for giving him better quality of life.

I know how she has been feeling since her baby has gone. I went through all this experience 2 years ago, when I lost my rabbit Charlie. He had been sick as well, my husband and I did anything we could for him. But he also went across the rainbow bridge. He still doesn't release me, catching my mind tightly. He was my everything at that time. It's been 2 years... already 2 years? only 2 years? I don't know.

I should expect that Naru would go back to the moon, since I often check her blog written about Naru. He was really getting weaker and weaker in the last month. I was feeling like my friend and her bunny would stay in alive together forever even I see him getting worse. But I also knew he would be gone soon in my experience.

I was very shocked about Naru's death as I felt like I heard the sound of my heart pumping, when I read the message from my friend. At the same time, tons of the memories with Charlie came back and filled my heart, again cannot stop to cry time to time.

I drunk a lot of beer last night to make myself sick or to make myself sleep. Either way my brain would stop thinking about the bunnies, and I was supposed to get back to normal mental condition today. But it didn't go well :(

I was planning to join the big quilting group meeting for today, but had to give it up since I wasn't feeling well (yes, sure :( because of beer) and I was still upset, could not get up enough ealier this morning.
Also I thought it's a good idea to help my husband, since he was working hard for the house renovation. Oh, he found another bunch of wasps nests.

Here they are :(

They were active nest this time. They were in the empty roof space of the bay window. My husband made a small hole on the ceiling board, sprayed bug killer from the hole, and waited for a while. We shouldn't have the wasp problem next year..., I hope.

My friend sounds like still just being in confusion for not being with Naru anymore. All of her spare time was spent for Naru, and she said she doesn't know what to do thinking why Naru passed away. Hope her storm of the grief doesn't stay with her long time. Although I was lucky about I had 3 more rabbits when I lost Charlie, Naru was the only one for her.