Friday, September 05, 2008

Perfect Bread!

How exciting!
I have been finally able to bake the bread, not "something like a bread", thanks to Cyndi! I was lucky enough to have a comment from her, which offered me "a no-fail recipe" without eggs, milk, and butter!

Here is the result I had. It's perfect!!

The dough was enough swelling during the time for "rising", my expectancy was swelling too! But I was still worrying about it may shrink since I had that experience before. When I found it went well, I called my husband, his first voice was "WOW, nice texture!!", and he finished most of the bread in a day -- hope he doesn't get fatter --. Now we can add some vegetables or fruits to the ingredients, enjoy some variations!
Thank you very much, Cyndi for stopping me to give up baking bread!! Woooo, I am glad! :D :D :D

We are going to have the storm with the hurricane Hanna tomorrow. Hope it will change the scale smaller and streak across the land to the ocean. I may better to prepare for in the case of power fail.