Saturday, October 18, 2008


I have made some wristlets lately.

Every time what I think when I am making wristlets for sale is "I want a wristlet, too...".
I have talked with my friend who also sells her works on Etsy, about why we don't often make something for ourselves but for sale. I usually think first for sale when I make something, and think "if this wasn't sold, then I can use it." In the same way, the quilts I use for myself is the one that cannot be for sale.

Many people said to me that I would make many things for my baby when I ever got pregnant. But my answer was "no, I wouldn't. It is time consuming, faster to buy." but I know to make is less expensive than buying..., so I may end up making.

Every time I go for grocery shopping, I just grab my wallet and car key to go in the store, leave other things in my car. It is inconvenient to carry them in one hand, and think about to have a wristlet. Maybe, I will make one for me, really special one! :D