Saturday, January 03, 2009

Belated Happy New Year...

Hope you had a great new year's day!
Mine was good!

New Year's day is the most important celebration in Japan. I think it is just like the Christmas day in the USA, family get together, have special dishes, children get special allowance from adults, some people go to a shrine to wish fortune for this year.

I visited a temple in my area this year with my new friends who I met at the end of the year party. We expected something Japanese traditional like we do in Japan, but there was nothing we expected. The building looked just like a office, and the inside was like a Christian church. We saw a Buddha statue, had to take off the shoes before getting in the building as Japanese custom, and there was a small Japanese styled garden next to the building. My friend was even in Kimono, I believe she was really disappointed.

We had the new year's party after that at her house, we chat and chat, I had a great time!

Hope this year will have a full of fortune for you, and of course for me too!