Saturday, January 03, 2009

Fat Quarters.

A Fat Quarter (a piece of fabric sized quarter of 1 yard) is very convenient for quilters to make a small gift. I sometimes thank a fat quarter for being such a wonderful tool for me.

I think all of quilters prefer fabrics than a meal. We store tons amount of fabric in a sewing room - some of them have a room for only fabric -, keep thinking "Be a good girl! no more fabric! I don't need more fabric!", but we are very weak at "fabric bargain" and buy more.... even we don't know what we will use it for.

A little piece of fabric is enough to make a quilter happy. We never know when we use it and what for. So I really love to attach a piece of fabric to something, such as when I return something that I borrowed from my friend, a small birthday gift.

My friend let me take a leftover of food from the Christmas luncheon of quilting group which she cooked. I tied a fat quarter and a small message tag to the spoon when I returned it to her.

This really looks adorable to me :) I feel very happy to being a quilter when I make this kind of small gift.

P.S. We prefer a big piece of fabric than a fat quarter if we can have it.