Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We never meet without a parting.

My friend leaves the USA for Spain this Friday.
I knew she is a visitor only for 4 months, and go back to where she is supposed to be in future. But I was feeling like she would stay here for more than 4 months, and maybe stay here forever. Although I don't think I would stay in this country whole my life, but who knows. We never know the future.

I usually join English conversation club to improve my speaking skill every Tuesdays.
Many people come and go, some people become a regular member, and some people just never come back.

I started to join this club since 2004, it was just 5 months later of starting my new life in the USA. I met many people there, made friends, it is now just like my home. Sometimes they stop to come for months for some reasons, but come back and have conversations without feeling a long separation. We are just like old friends since we have the same problem -- English. My husband doesn't understand how I have been feeling in this country because of English since he is an American who was born in the USA, but they do. Maybe we don't have enough information on each other, like home address, home phone number, but we know we can see each other at the club.

My friend who leaves for Spain is a beautiful knowledgeable lady, she was adding beautiful essence to the club. I will miss her very much. Hope she will have a lot of fortunes and good luck in her life. I appreciate her those good time.