Saturday, April 11, 2009


Mangetsu means full moon in Japanese.

I have made these coasters imaging full moon, since this wonderful lady Mai - SIESTA (etsy shop) - mairuru (blog) - has been inspiring me. I am a big fan of her. Her works just make me smile, and warm my heart up.
She doesn't use sewing machine to produce her works. All sewn by her miracle hands!
I usually (I would sadly say "seldom"...) don't sew by hand, it really impressed me!
And you can see how often she adds her works in her shop! Is she sewing, sewing, sewing all day long? I cannot believe she keeps to create those cute things every day!! As for me, for a reason that I don't often add a item in my shop...., I would be able to say that I am busy for quilting jobs thanks to my quilter friends give me, and I have 8 rabbits to take care of, and.... house chores...? I know they are all excuses! X-(

Anyway, here are the coasters!

So..., I thought I would do a little hand sewing, and.... what I have done is these... Are you asking me where is the part of hand work?? Can you see the stitches with golden thread around the moon? .............. yes, that's it.

I have been thinking to make some hand sewing works that I can do in Playgroup and Worker Bee (both are a name of quilting group I belong to). We get together every Mondays, and the 2nd Thursday, and some Fridays. I used to work on a grand mother's garden quilt (here is the old post about it), and though this happens very often..., it is left for a long time as you see. The more the quilt top grow, the more I need space to work with. I don't like to occupy large table space for it in the group :(

Anyway, I thought I would fix the holes of my husband's socks (hand work!) in the group next week, but it's no fun. Thinking of what I can do there. I usually do crocheting or just do nothing and chatting with other ladies.

By the way, Yesterday!!
I have got my new baby!!

I am still playing with it, enjoying many features that I didn't have on my old sewing machine.
It really sews fast, I could get one twin size quilting work done during only last night. Need to find a way to get along with this big baby. It is too great for me, and a little problems :(