Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bag from mairuru.

Custom bag from mairuru - SIESTA -!

Many adorable circle embroideries by her :D

I got this bag and have been enjoying it very much as take it with me anywhere (really)! It's super perfect to carry my knitting or crocheting project, the bag fit and stays on my lap very well when I kill waiting time at hospital, car repair place, etc.
I told her that I am going to use it for carrying my knitting or crocheting project, then she attached 2 big pockets inside to store knitting tools. How nice she is, isn't it.

Each of her items I see on her shop and her blog are soooooooooo adorable, I really feel myself what I want to make is those kind of things like her makes. I could not resist myself to order one tote for myself, wanted to feel her handwork closer.

I remember my small treasures in my childhood, they were really small mascot, or something pretty but didn't know what it was for, or a small pouch, etc. I used to take them with myself everywhere even to school, those of things just warmed my heart up.

Her works just remind me of my happy childhood. Her hands are really miracle.
She is getting popular and being well known! I truly understand it.

GO, GO, Mai!! :D :D :D