Saturday, May 09, 2009

My first craft show.

I participated the craft show as a vendor for my first time at Fox mill elementary school in VA last night. It was excited experience!
I saw only 5 vendors in the show..., actually it was for Japanese festival.
I didn't know until my friend told me that the school provide classes to students in Japanese. I heard there are such 3 schools in VA (and maybe including in MD). I have never thought about classes in Japanese in the USA. I saw so many Japanese there, and teachers of course speaks Japanese very well. All of room signs are written in Japanese as well. Most of children in the festival wore yukata or beautifully dressed up not in Japanese style, there were some entertainments for children like karaoke, chorus, movies, Kingyo-sukui (goldfish scooping), some kind of Japanese foods, it looked so many fun! I really wanted to be a kid having fun there instead of standing on the corner to sell my product.

I actually expected a little larger fair, but it was good for me for my first time. My husband helped me by making shelf for display of my items. I was very anxious watching what he was doing for the shelf, also costed a lot for materials to make it.

Here is the shelf that my husband has made in 4 days. He is an engineer, knows well about physics.

This is held like this when I carry it. Wheels are attached on both side so I just drag it to carry :)

A problem is, it is difficult for me to assemble it at the show place :( There was not enough time to learn how to assemble it this time, my husband came to the craft fair place to assemble and also disassemble it.

Here is how it looks with full of my items :)

Here is other shot of my shop :)

Unfortunately..., the position for my shop was at kind of a corner.
I felt a little far from people... kind of isolated?
Here is how I was watching people from my position.

But, I think I did a good job as the first time. Anyway, the cost for the shelf was paid off :)

Very special thanks for my friend who forwarded me this fair's information, and came to the show to help me! Her talking skill is so wonderful. She was even collecting people to my shop by talking friendly and cheerfully. I have to learn that skill, really.