Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rabbit note book.

Gift from Marina! :D

She is one of my friend from English conversation club.
I noticed she likes to do craftbooking when we talked about hobby at the club. I used to love this kind of things since my childhood, and actually had many of papers and supplies for it, but I have recognized myself that I will never have time to expand my craft world to craftbooking in future as long as I keep my passion for sewing.
So I decided to give the supplies to Marina, otherwise they will fade away in time, and I wanted to clean my room too...
I didn't expect anything in return, and I have told her that is not needed, so this was really nice surprise!

The other day, we enjoyed a class of photo frame making that she provided, I felt she is really good at teaching, well prepared! - She is actually a math teacher at school -

Unfortunately she is going back to her country on July 15, she told us that she already got a ticket :( OH...
Hope she keep enjoying scrapbooking in her country as a successful business, offering classes, selling her product on the internet, etc.

Inside of the notebook she gave me has a message from her!

I am not sure yet what I want to use this notebook for. I don't want to destroy it by carrying with me to outside. So, maybe as a idea book staying in my home??

Thank you very much, Marina!