Monday, June 29, 2009

Treasury :: Inu hariko - Iron transfer -

Treasury picked up from my stationery shop!
Thank you~~~!

* This list will expire on Wednesday 11:05PM July 1 *


Sunday, June 28, 2009

New pictures of my nephews from my sister in law.

Received pictures from my sister in law.
They are my oasis.

First picture is of Takeru - 5 months - he was born on Feb 1 this year. She said he is now an idol among her family, I strongly agree with it.

And the old idol until Takeru was born is Hayato in the second picture. He is eating ice cream. He is alike my brother... really. I can say they are almost the same appearance and also personality when I look at my brother's pictures of childhood. My brother was a little fatter I think.
He lately stepped on a piece of glass in a small fountain, and was sewed 4 stitches on his foot. POOR boy... He still moving around after the surgery, making his mother (my sister-in-law) cry.

She didn't send me a picture of Yuta (eldest) this time, probably he is doing very fine as there was not topic on him :)


Saturday, June 27, 2009

A day Boboes became my family.

Bobo (sarubobo)!

These are from my friend Mai's shop - SIESTA -. Her new items with Sarubobo families are getting large collections! Super Cute!!

It looks like he/she is taking a nap on the table. Or thinking something?
I didn't know yellow bobo is for a wish for luck in money... My instinct must picked up....

And pink bobo :D

What is he/she doing??
Looks like he/she is debating.
"I cannot agree with that idea!!" and hitting the surface of table. Something like that. Maybe...
Pink bobo is for a wish for luck in love. I didn't know that.
Probably my instinct picked the color....

Love and money. Ha.

Mai included extra goodies in the package of boboes.

Origami Flower. It looks very difficult to hold origami. She is really very talented to work for a small complicated things... I adore her.

And small plush - fish -.
I thought this is a carrot when I first saw it. I thought I would add it on my key ring, but afraid of it may be tore up easily with my keys.

So I put it on my rabbit stomach which was a gift from Masko - Siam Square -.

They will comfort me every time I see them..., they really make me smile :)

Thank you very much for the adorable items made with your miracle hands, Mai!! :D :D :D
I get very comfortable when I think of her, it is like I fell in love with her - I am not a gay, though. ha ha -. Hope I could see her someday, maybe when I go back to Japan next time. I want to drink and talk about anything with her. This is my first time to feel this way with someone who I met on the internet.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Washing carpet.

Washed a big indoor outdoor carpet for the family room (It is a rabbit playing room...) this afternoon, tomorrow is supposed to be clear weather.
It was hard work, although comfortable to play with water outside in this hot weather.
After this carpet dries, wash a small carpets for rabbit cages.

I wish I could have a normal comfortable carpet in my family room.....! Indoor outdoor carpet is for my rabbits.

Now it is thundering... :( I am glad I put a big piece of vinyl on it before the storm come.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a sewing day!! I hope.... it should be...



My friend - I don't tell you her name. ha ha - sent me an e-mail with one suggestion according to my last update on this blog.

This is for my husband who doesn't like food smell (he says they are stinky).
I wish I could really do that on him :(




Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tofu Hamburger.

Today dinner was

Tofu Hamburger

Used Tofu to make hamburgers instead of meat. I don't have fun to cook since my husband limit me to cook at home. He is a vegetarian, no oil for cooking, it sounds like I can only boil at home :(  He even complains about I make instant noodle because it is stinky for him...
Anyway, I used a big toaster to grill! It seemed not bother him about cooking way and about material, and he liked today's dinner :D
Here is info of the Tofu Hamburger mix, I got this at the Super Q Mart (nearest international super market from my home) at .... $1.00!!

It was delicious :) I got to get more :D


Etsy Treasury - Kyoto Song -

My Gohan tote I have listed yesterday is included in this lovely Treasury.
(This treasury will expire on Friday 8:55pm June 26.)
Thank you so much!

Have a nice day everyone! :)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gohan - Rice bowls - tote

I had a terrible day yesterday, wanted to cheer me up and to forget what I had. Now, everything I was lately worrying about was over, I am now just going to be recovered.

So, here is what I enjoyed to make to keep myself busy!

I have made a pouch with Gohan - Rice bowl - a long time ago (here is the original), wanted to make something in this design. Enjoyed to make it a lot as I worked for a little detail - tag -, now I am thinking to make something with Gohan.
It might be strange for foreigners who are not interested in Japanese culture, but I think this design is so pretty! ha ha.

Gohan in Japanese means rice bowl and also meals.

OH... Now, time to make a dinner.... :(


Monday, June 22, 2009

Washington D.C. News

Since all of the television went to digital, I lost all of channels I used to watch. I don't have cable TV, and antenna wasn't high enough to catch the signals, so the channels I could watch were so limited anyway. 66 (public) was always there, that's about it. But I liked to see old American movie on 66.

I bought a converter box that can catch digital signals before February, and I used to enjoy NHK WORLD - Japanese public broadcast for oversea -, but it has been gone too :( All I can see now is African, India, Pakistan broadcasting.....
One of them broadcast the news about Metro accident in D.C. but I couldn't know the detail because of the news is about foreign country for them :( My husband went to the Internet news to know more detail....

It is interesting to know about D.C. from a foreign channel, but I would love to know local news and get my NHK back!!! (>_<) <-- crying. 


Super Q mart

International food shop finally came to my area!!

Super Q mart!

After other super market closed down, Super Q mart was saying "Coming SOON!!" for 2 years there.
I expected the super market would carry foods at expensive price, but actually it was a lot cheaper than other Asian super markets! I visited there what they have today, and checked the vegetable prices. We don't care about meat price because we don't eat meat - although I eat outside -, and we buy large amount of vegetables for rabbits and for us every week.
I found today the Romain lettuce price is $0.79, other super market price is $0.99 - 1.29, other veges price are soooooo good too!

Super Q mart says they are international, but international in my area means Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. (and American)
They carry almost the same products as other Asian super market do, so I am very happy to have them really near from my home. This super market became the nearest one, as well - 5 minutes driving -, others are 20-30 minutes. Big difference!

Hope people around this area shop at Super Q mart. I don't think many Asian people live in my neighbor, and one of my American friend has told me that American people are generally tend to avoid such kind of super market, because they are not clean, price doesn't matter for them.
But this Super Q mart is enough clean as American people would come, I really want them to stay in business for a long time!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Surprise from Lucinda

Chair quilt from Lucinda!!

I was very surprised when I saw a package from her in mails. It has just arrived yesterday!! I had no idea what she sent me and why.

What I found in the package was this. I am now calm down..., but I was very excited when I saw this quilt as I forgot to include "Thank you" in an e-mail to her :( and I misspelled her name as well. OH, OH, OH.

I shared a little Japanese Obi fabric with her that my sister-in-law's mother previously sent me. She really sent me a lot! I just shared what I was given, but Lucinda took her precious time for me to make this adorable quilt. It is hand sewn, by the way.

Here is the details :)

The back is also cute!!

I actually have the same fabric. Her quilt reminded me of wonderful and heartful memory as well.
I have had a customer in UK, she wanted to have a little piece of fabric used for one of my item. She asked me where she can buy though, the piece she would like to have was just 5 inches square. So I enclosed the piece in her purchase. Then, she sent me some piece of rabbit fabric from UK. This fabric Lucinda used for the back is the exactly same one!

I appreciate people for being so nice!!
Thank you Lucinda!!


Friday, June 19, 2009

FInger Pin Cushion.

My new item!!

Finger pin cushion!

I was really stressful to move around to get a pin every time I change my position in my sewing room. I have 5 standard pin cushions in my tiny sewing room, but it seems like not enough!

I thought this finger pin cushion might be a little too big on my finger when I first made it, but now..., it's very comfortable to use it because it holds a many pins, and I don't have to even think the point of where I put a pin in, because it is not too small.

Also, it really fit on any size of finger, doesn't bother me to wear it for a long hours.

Unfortunately...., I am a left handed person. I need to wear it on my right hand. It sometimes bother me when I use a sewing machine.... BUT it is still very nice to have on my finger!!! Yay!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My new purse from SiamSquare!

Very convenient purse to use!

My friend SiamSquare generously sent this purse to me a while ago!
The fabric used for this purse just matches with my bag, which is also from her shop, I was thinking to get it when she listed this purse in her shop.

Then she told me that the purse was made as a sample, so she would give it to me! (SURPRISE!!) OH MY GOD!!

She is very talented to make these kind of organizers, complicated purse. As I might mention ever, my brain cannot think things in 3D, my brain just reject it. I really envy people who can make a doll or a stuffed animal, anyway something 3D.

I used to carry 2 purses, one is for private, and one is for business. But now this purse has 2 compartments, so I can divide private and business in one purse. Also, this purse can hold many cards, a lot of room!

She carries many items which is of course in her original design, she takes custom orders, so check it out!! :D :D



Monday, June 08, 2009

Old Singer sewing machine.

My friend's husband gave me an old singer sewing machine today.
She passed away about a month ago, I still cannot believe it since he telephoned me to let me know her death. Sounds like he started to clean his house, she had a little crafty life but not much. He told me that he purchased the sewing machine for her, but she didn't use it often so it is almost in new condition.

It has many decorations stitches that my sewing machine doesn't have.

Looks like the model number is 4832.
This sewing machine was made in 1993, and wasn't used for 16 years. I cannot know if this run properly since I don't have any attachments includes AC cord and foot controller. It only has a straight stitch foot... (and one needle) My died brother machine's darning foot seems to fit.

I looked on the internet about this machine, model 4832 looks still being used by people, I felt like it is not that old, and I found compatible foot controller for this machine.

I am now thinking to bring this machine to repair shop for maintenance so that I would be able to know if this machine performs or not.

My Nancy Jr. (Old Kenmore sewing machine made in Japan which was given by Nancy) is in bad mood lately. The foot controller become very hot after 15 minutes sewing.
I can bring both of these sewing machine to the repair shop for quote (anyway), and if the repairing cost is less than buying new foot controller, I will ask them to fix. But anyway, it's been almost a year since Nancy Jr. become my family. It is time to vacuum clean inside.

I was given bunch of yarns by her husband as well...., some of them were stopped in the middle of process. The yarns generously contain odor of her house, I miss her very much...


Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Japanese quilt.

It looks really Japanesey! :D
This quilt top is waiting for me to be quilted.
Made out of Fat Quarter bundle. It was on sale, and I anyway grabbed it :)
Didn't realize it is autumn colors until completed...

It is very interesting that a fabric that I thought I would never use suddenly turn to be very useful. I had the beige dragonfly fabric used for sash for years, and I was almost giving it away. And other batik fabric also.

This is not an excuse to buy more fabric, but we really never know when it is used. Usually it is difficult to find the right fabric for a quilt at stores when I need. Yeah, I should get it once it inspired me to make something when I saw it, even I don't have a plan to use it. I cannot forget to discuss with my credit card prior though. ha ha.

Come to think of it, these spangles, too!
I had these spangles for years, Kataline's friend left them with some ribbons, bias tapes etc. According to Kataline, her friend wanted to get rid of sewing goods because move saying she will no longer sew because of age. I used the spangles on the red part of cup cake.
Speaking of Kataline, I have been wondering how she is doing for... more than 3 years. She never come back from vacation :(

This cup cake block was made for Rosemary's birthday. I hope to see a quilt someday made by Rosemary with other ladies' blocks :)


Friday, June 05, 2009

My first nonwoven textile shop bag!! :D

I have seen so many times my friends quilters use a shop bag made with nonwoven textile as a big paper bag.

This is it.

Probably, some fabric shops use this type of bag instead of plastic bag to put in customer's purchase. I have never seen the local stores use it, but had no idea where my friends get it.

I went to the QU - Quilters Unlimited - quilt show today. I couldn't be there for past few years, so I was so excited to join. Here in Virginia, we have a lot of rain since yesterday. Maybe I would give up today if today was not the delivering day of quilts and meet my customer at the show, but I had to go anyway.
I expected there wouldn't be many people there in this hard rain, but it was completely wrong as it took a while to find a parking place.

I enjoyed so much the beautiful quilts made by QU members, and .... SHOPPING!!

So many vendors participated in the show as usual! The bag came from one of the vendor. They carry items that we usually cannot get at local stores. It's easy to buy online, but very important to save shipping! I couldn't afford a lot, keep checking, checking, checking. My shopping purpose for today was thread.
Since I had a little problem with my new sewing machine - JUKI TE98QE -, I doubted small things - like thread, needle- may be causing the problem. I asked my quilting ladies what makers thread they use, what is their favorite. I didn't know there are so many famous thread makers in the USA. I use Coats & Clark because it is easy to get at the local stores, and they sometimes offer bargain for thread. I knew sulky and Gutterman, they also carry both maker's thread.
Then Jane and Pat told me Aurfil and Mettler are fine. I could find Mettler at one of the local store, and I tried that. It's good!! :D
Then Jane again told me that she usually buy many Aurfil thread in a big corns type (large quantity) at the show. One corn cost around $39, but it lasts long time - 6000 yards! -

I purchased 2 of them, I am not sure if they last until the next quilt show - a year later -, probably not :( But I have the vendor's information, I found I can get it either online.

And my other purchases!

Pretty! isn't it? One project came up on my mind, when I saw this fabric.
I know, it would be changed much later during I don't have time to complete the project and forget about it :( I will anyway try.

I love jelly roll :D :D :D
I actually feel like I am cheating something when I buy this kind of charm. Because the fabric selection was made one of a designer belongs to the fabric company - moda -, it's not mine. When I make a quilt with a jelly roll or a quilt kit - never tried a kit though -, I feel like the quilt is a work of someone else. Why jelly roll attract me? It's because it is easy to make cute colors quilt.
Anyway, this jelly roll was 30% OFF! Woooo!

And red fabric from Andover - which was 50% off -, this would match with the jelly roll, and another jelly roll I have...

Come to think of it, these jelly roll's color scheme is almost the same.

I guess I cannot run away from my taste after all????

By the way.
I saw many of my friends at the show!
Diane, Ann ellen, Martha, Betty, Marsha (with her mother), and Nancy! Nancy carried a big wheeled shopping bag.... I thought she would really enjoy shopping....

Marsha, the Japanese patterned fabric wasn't cat. It is DOG.....

I had a wonderful day!!


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Felted bag.

My friend Paula offered us workshop of felted bag! Her way to teach everyone was really kind, I couldn't start the project at the same time of everyone did, so I had to ask her later whole process especially only for me... Many of our quilting group participated this project, some of them made multiple bags, Donna made... more than 10? She should be very busy always, where she was hiding the time to make such numbers of bags. She is always positive and powerful for anything, and the best mood maker I have ever met.

Here is the yarn I used.

And here is the completed knitting.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw someone's project that is sooooooo big!! I know the bag shrink a lot after felting process, but it was BIG!

Here is the felted bag!
Since my husband seriously complain about I use the washing machine to felt a bag, I was thinking what I can do to use the washing machine without being caught by him. Jane then told me that there is a yarn shop let us use felting machine at $2.00! The shop location is very convenient place for me, I anyway went there to complete my project.

The felting machine worked so good! The yarn owner kindly let me use the machine, she even did all of the process for me. I thought I would buy one skein of yarn there feeling bad, but they were so expensive.......

I used waiting time mostly to knit the bag, at hospital, at car fix facilities, and at Playgroup activities. The yarn and the yarn needles are thick, it is really knitted so fast. I am thinking to make smaller felted bags than this bag for sale in other color, I hope I can start to knit it soon!