Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Felted bag.

My friend Paula offered us workshop of felted bag! Her way to teach everyone was really kind, I couldn't start the project at the same time of everyone did, so I had to ask her later whole process especially only for me... Many of our quilting group participated this project, some of them made multiple bags, Donna made... more than 10? She should be very busy always, where she was hiding the time to make such numbers of bags. She is always positive and powerful for anything, and the best mood maker I have ever met.

Here is the yarn I used.

And here is the completed knitting.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw someone's project that is sooooooo big!! I know the bag shrink a lot after felting process, but it was BIG!

Here is the felted bag!
Since my husband seriously complain about I use the washing machine to felt a bag, I was thinking what I can do to use the washing machine without being caught by him. Jane then told me that there is a yarn shop let us use felting machine at $2.00! The shop location is very convenient place for me, I anyway went there to complete my project.

The felting machine worked so good! The yarn owner kindly let me use the machine, she even did all of the process for me. I thought I would buy one skein of yarn there feeling bad, but they were so expensive.......

I used waiting time mostly to knit the bag, at hospital, at car fix facilities, and at Playgroup activities. The yarn and the yarn needles are thick, it is really knitted so fast. I am thinking to make smaller felted bags than this bag for sale in other color, I hope I can start to knit it soon!