Friday, June 19, 2009

FInger Pin Cushion.

My new item!!

Finger pin cushion!

I was really stressful to move around to get a pin every time I change my position in my sewing room. I have 5 standard pin cushions in my tiny sewing room, but it seems like not enough!

I thought this finger pin cushion might be a little too big on my finger when I first made it, but now..., it's very comfortable to use it because it holds a many pins, and I don't have to even think the point of where I put a pin in, because it is not too small.

Also, it really fit on any size of finger, doesn't bother me to wear it for a long hours.

Unfortunately...., I am a left handed person. I need to wear it on my right hand. It sometimes bother me when I use a sewing machine.... BUT it is still very nice to have on my finger!!! Yay!!