Friday, June 05, 2009

My first nonwoven textile shop bag!! :D

I have seen so many times my friends quilters use a shop bag made with nonwoven textile as a big paper bag.

This is it.

Probably, some fabric shops use this type of bag instead of plastic bag to put in customer's purchase. I have never seen the local stores use it, but had no idea where my friends get it.

I went to the QU - Quilters Unlimited - quilt show today. I couldn't be there for past few years, so I was so excited to join. Here in Virginia, we have a lot of rain since yesterday. Maybe I would give up today if today was not the delivering day of quilts and meet my customer at the show, but I had to go anyway.
I expected there wouldn't be many people there in this hard rain, but it was completely wrong as it took a while to find a parking place.

I enjoyed so much the beautiful quilts made by QU members, and .... SHOPPING!!

So many vendors participated in the show as usual! The bag came from one of the vendor. They carry items that we usually cannot get at local stores. It's easy to buy online, but very important to save shipping! I couldn't afford a lot, keep checking, checking, checking. My shopping purpose for today was thread.
Since I had a little problem with my new sewing machine - JUKI TE98QE -, I doubted small things - like thread, needle- may be causing the problem. I asked my quilting ladies what makers thread they use, what is their favorite. I didn't know there are so many famous thread makers in the USA. I use Coats & Clark because it is easy to get at the local stores, and they sometimes offer bargain for thread. I knew sulky and Gutterman, they also carry both maker's thread.
Then Jane and Pat told me Aurfil and Mettler are fine. I could find Mettler at one of the local store, and I tried that. It's good!! :D
Then Jane again told me that she usually buy many Aurfil thread in a big corns type (large quantity) at the show. One corn cost around $39, but it lasts long time - 6000 yards! -

I purchased 2 of them, I am not sure if they last until the next quilt show - a year later -, probably not :( But I have the vendor's information, I found I can get it either online.

And my other purchases!

Pretty! isn't it? One project came up on my mind, when I saw this fabric.
I know, it would be changed much later during I don't have time to complete the project and forget about it :( I will anyway try.

I love jelly roll :D :D :D
I actually feel like I am cheating something when I buy this kind of charm. Because the fabric selection was made one of a designer belongs to the fabric company - moda -, it's not mine. When I make a quilt with a jelly roll or a quilt kit - never tried a kit though -, I feel like the quilt is a work of someone else. Why jelly roll attract me? It's because it is easy to make cute colors quilt.
Anyway, this jelly roll was 30% OFF! Woooo!

And red fabric from Andover - which was 50% off -, this would match with the jelly roll, and another jelly roll I have...

Come to think of it, these jelly roll's color scheme is almost the same.

I guess I cannot run away from my taste after all????

By the way.
I saw many of my friends at the show!
Diane, Ann ellen, Martha, Betty, Marsha (with her mother), and Nancy! Nancy carried a big wheeled shopping bag.... I thought she would really enjoy shopping....

Marsha, the Japanese patterned fabric wasn't cat. It is DOG.....

I had a wonderful day!!