Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Japanese quilt.

It looks really Japanesey! :D
This quilt top is waiting for me to be quilted.
Made out of Fat Quarter bundle. It was on sale, and I anyway grabbed it :)
Didn't realize it is autumn colors until completed...

It is very interesting that a fabric that I thought I would never use suddenly turn to be very useful. I had the beige dragonfly fabric used for sash for years, and I was almost giving it away. And other batik fabric also.

This is not an excuse to buy more fabric, but we really never know when it is used. Usually it is difficult to find the right fabric for a quilt at stores when I need. Yeah, I should get it once it inspired me to make something when I saw it, even I don't have a plan to use it. I cannot forget to discuss with my credit card prior though. ha ha.

Come to think of it, these spangles, too!
I had these spangles for years, Kataline's friend left them with some ribbons, bias tapes etc. According to Kataline, her friend wanted to get rid of sewing goods because move saying she will no longer sew because of age. I used the spangles on the red part of cup cake.
Speaking of Kataline, I have been wondering how she is doing for... more than 3 years. She never come back from vacation :(

This cup cake block was made for Rosemary's birthday. I hope to see a quilt someday made by Rosemary with other ladies' blocks :)