Sunday, June 28, 2009

New pictures of my nephews from my sister in law.

Received pictures from my sister in law.
They are my oasis.

First picture is of Takeru - 5 months - he was born on Feb 1 this year. She said he is now an idol among her family, I strongly agree with it.

And the old idol until Takeru was born is Hayato in the second picture. He is eating ice cream. He is alike my brother... really. I can say they are almost the same appearance and also personality when I look at my brother's pictures of childhood. My brother was a little fatter I think.
He lately stepped on a piece of glass in a small fountain, and was sewed 4 stitches on his foot. POOR boy... He still moving around after the surgery, making his mother (my sister-in-law) cry.

She didn't send me a picture of Yuta (eldest) this time, probably he is doing very fine as there was not topic on him :)