Monday, June 08, 2009

Old Singer sewing machine.

My friend's husband gave me an old singer sewing machine today.
She passed away about a month ago, I still cannot believe it since he telephoned me to let me know her death. Sounds like he started to clean his house, she had a little crafty life but not much. He told me that he purchased the sewing machine for her, but she didn't use it often so it is almost in new condition.

It has many decorations stitches that my sewing machine doesn't have.

Looks like the model number is 4832.
This sewing machine was made in 1993, and wasn't used for 16 years. I cannot know if this run properly since I don't have any attachments includes AC cord and foot controller. It only has a straight stitch foot... (and one needle) My died brother machine's darning foot seems to fit.

I looked on the internet about this machine, model 4832 looks still being used by people, I felt like it is not that old, and I found compatible foot controller for this machine.

I am now thinking to bring this machine to repair shop for maintenance so that I would be able to know if this machine performs or not.

My Nancy Jr. (Old Kenmore sewing machine made in Japan which was given by Nancy) is in bad mood lately. The foot controller become very hot after 15 minutes sewing.
I can bring both of these sewing machine to the repair shop for quote (anyway), and if the repairing cost is less than buying new foot controller, I will ask them to fix. But anyway, it's been almost a year since Nancy Jr. become my family. It is time to vacuum clean inside.

I was given bunch of yarns by her husband as well...., some of them were stopped in the middle of process. The yarns generously contain odor of her house, I miss her very much...