Monday, June 22, 2009

Washington D.C. News

Since all of the television went to digital, I lost all of channels I used to watch. I don't have cable TV, and antenna wasn't high enough to catch the signals, so the channels I could watch were so limited anyway. 66 (public) was always there, that's about it. But I liked to see old American movie on 66.

I bought a converter box that can catch digital signals before February, and I used to enjoy NHK WORLD - Japanese public broadcast for oversea -, but it has been gone too :( All I can see now is African, India, Pakistan broadcasting.....
One of them broadcast the news about Metro accident in D.C. but I couldn't know the detail because of the news is about foreign country for them :( My husband went to the Internet news to know more detail....

It is interesting to know about D.C. from a foreign channel, but I would love to know local news and get my NHK back!!! (>_<) <-- crying.