Thursday, July 30, 2009

Treasury -- Light Brigade --

Treasury "Light Brigade" selected by BenefitJewels.

First time to be picked up my pillowcase dress :) I think this pink dress is so pretty as Japanese-y, but not popular...

Anyway, thank you so much!!

:: This treasury will expire Sunday 12:08am August 2 ::

Come to think of it, my mother's birthday is very soon. I need to ask what she wants this year. Hope it's not DVDs of Korean drama.... sigh....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New pictures of my nephews from my sister in law.

New pictures! :D :D :D :D
They melt me....

My sister in law says that she want to quit being a mother of Hayato (2nd nephew). A while ago, he cut the bottom of foot with a piece of grass, and then a while later he got a crack on the leg bone... And yesterday...., he injured a very expensive car by hitting with riding bicycle.... Fortunately he didn't get injured this time!

She said she will send him to me! OOOOHHHH, hope it come to be true. ha ha.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New computer.

Trying to get a new computer, since my husband's one for me started to give me a noise. According to him, the hard drive (HDD) is too old and that is making the noise. He suggested me to change the HDD, but he doesn't want to help me to do it. And I don't know anything about computers, I even looked up on the internet about it, and even I found one website to tell me how to install it including in the case of you replace HDD, or adding to the old one, ... but I think that to buy a new one (lap top!) is easy and stressless for me. The OS I use now is Win2000, it is old and I will soon hit the point of not many softwares and hardwares don't support 2000 anymore.

This is tough work!! I read a lot of reviews what brand is the best, what type of computer is suitable for my dairy work. But still I cannot figure out the detals what is good for me.

I asked my friend for consulting. She is a specialist about computers - I didn't know her skill is such excellent until now...! - who works for a software company. She also does setting all hardwares for companies. The questions she throws me includes really delicate and small things, which I have never thought. I really feel she is trying to get a best one for me!

Once I get a new lap top computer, I can take it to Japan with me. I can enjoy DVD in my sewing room, I can use Internet at library, at Starbucks, when I got a problem in my home with VERISON. (This is really not a good company, but we don't have a choise.)

Anyway, all I can do to get a new computer is sewing, sewing, sewing to make enough money to buy it!! VERY, MANY SPECIAL thanks to my friend, of course!! I will just do whatever she suggests me!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A solar eclipse

You could see a solar eclipse in Japan the other day.
My mother sent me a picture of it.
I was so surprised how she could take this picture and I thought people couldn't see it because of overcast weather. I heard in the news that only limited a few place was available to see it.

I asked my mom if she could see it and how it was. I have never seen it in my life!

She replied me via email by her cell phone, which said "Don't say such a strange thing. How you could think of I am interested in it. I didn't even know when it was happened and didn't notice outside became dark a moment. The picture was sent by my friend, I don't know where she got it."

:( :( :( :(

She has missed very rare natural phenomenon.......

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ball Pouch again and again!

Enjoying to make a ball pouch with Japanese fabrics!! :D :D :D

My Korean alphabet quilt and the white bunny pouch were sold last night! I got to make a Korean alphabet quilt again!! :D My customer who purchased the quilt left a message that the quilt will be a gift for her Korean friend's daughter. Hope they would like it!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ball pouch again.

Here is the result of my ball pouch!
The globe was on my mind, there are many ways to show a ball onto flat surface..., I checked some ways, but it was so difficult for me to make a pattern of a ball from it. My husband suggested me to use a sliced melon to trace the pattern in joking.

My brain really cannot think of difficult things, so I just tried to make it as I felt, didn't even calculate or measure to make the pattern, just cut a piece of paper without drawing.

I think it went well so far. What do you think? I will make it some more with Japanese kawaii fabrics :)

The pictures are not good for listing item, but I couldn't wait until tomorrow to show it off...! I also made a bunny pouch!

Taking a good picture in my house is always difficult since I don't have good light condition. It's not too bad when the weather is good in specific time, in night time under dark light is just terrible :( Many of my customers told me that "much better in person than seeing in the picture!" after they received an item. And pictures are very important to attract people. I know that.... I think I need a nice chair for pictures that I can bring outside......, OH, and need to cut grass.... we don't have lawn though.... Awww.


Korean alphabet quilt


Since I made a Korean alphabet quilt in twin size at a custom order, I have wanted to make it in smaller size. I started to make it in the same block size as Japanese alphabet quilt, but I have noticed in the middle of process that I made a mistake of vertical and horizontal....

The number of Japanese alphabet (hiragana) is 50 (actually 46, since old style script was removed and left the space as empty by the Japanese government) and we read them vertically right to left. But Korean basic alphabet is 40 and read them horizontally left to right, same as English. My brain got confused and to make the quilt size not to odd, I had to adjust the block size after applique process was done. OH! X-(

Anyway, I think the result turned to be pretty! Hope it will be sold :) Thinking to make a Korean alphabet quilt again in the same style of Japanese alphabet quilt after this one is sold as a sample quilt of custom order. So people can choose backing from a selection :)


Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday gift for Hana

Hana will be 3 years old 2 weeks later, she is a daughter of one of my best friend.
I was working on a blanket for her doll, and it has been done. Here is the old story about the blanket. I like that I used flannel fabric for backing. It gives the blanket soft and elegant atmosphere.
I enjoyed to make this as usual though...., come to think of it, it doesn't match with the doll quilt I ever sent to her.... (crying).............. Hana uses the quilt holding in half and half part of it is as a blanket. So the quilt will be used as a mattress...., I should have thought how the blanket matches with it...

...... I would see what she says maybe, she may like it better! ........ ................. No....?

I made a small rabbit pouch as well.  Since I have got a passion for making a small 3D thing like the ball pouch, pin cushions, wanted to make something by my original pattern. Hope she would like them! :D


Etsy Lounge - Blue wave cushion -

My blue wave cushion was featured by ArtsyPicks at her website Etsy Lounge.

Etsy Lounge is an independent blog and not affiliated with, is a bit like a permanent treasury from which visitors can link directly to your store (from ArtsyPicks).

Etsy Treasury is a favorite list which has items picked up by a etsy seller following a theme the seller had on her/his mind. Etsy Front page is also the same way but the items are selected by Etsy admin. They sometimes use Treasury already made by a seller for the Front page. It appears on the front page of Etsy, so it is great way for advertise your item.

It is very convenient way to find a favorite item from someone's favorite lists, since the items are collected following one theme. You don't have to look around all over of Etsy site, if you find a right one there. Also it's so interesting to see someone's favorite either.

I appreciate ArtsyPicks for doing this for all of etsy sellers and buyers!


Paper balloon pouch

Made a balloon pouch for my friend :)
PRETTY, isn't it??!!!

The pattern and direction is from a Japanese book which was recently sent by my friend from Japan. I was so excited to see the process following the direction, thinking "Is this really become a ball??"

Kami-Fusen (paper balloon) is one of Japanese traditional toy for kids. The balloon is made out of thin paper, here is a ordinal Japanese Kami-Fusen. It is usually sold in flat, and blow it carefully from the small hole on the top when you play. It is very airly, flow in the air long, don't need a large room to play since it moves slowly even you hit it in strong power (it's broken)! I used to play with it in my house when I was a child.

There are so many kinds of Kami-fusen lately even as a decoration. This Japanese website is showing more variety of paper balloon. FUN, isn't it?

I now got a passion to make a ball pouch for sale. But cannot use someone's pattern, I got to find out how to make it by myself.... My brain doesn't work for making 3D things though :(


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quilt - Tree, Rain, Clouds, and Wind -

My new tree quilt - (approx.) 40.5"x38" -.
Added rain and clouds this time, expressed wind with quilting line.

More tree quilt is coming in different color scheme. Next one would be American country style, I already have all materials for it in my hands :)


Etsy Front Page - Finger Pincushion - Sunny side up -

What was the theme of this front page....?
Being picked up by Etsy - July 14 1:30am -.

Thank you :)


Monday, July 13, 2009

Aloe face toner - after -

Finally completed!

Here is the old story.

The contents in the first-made bottle (middle one in the first picture) changed the color to wine red :( Along with some suggestions from my friends, I re-made it with lemon, which is the larger bottle on the left side.
In the picture, the color looks the same darkness, but actual color is yellow. I thought it would be OK this time.

My friend who has made facial toner many times told me that I can add Glycerin a little more than recipe, if I want moist skin. And I did.... but maybe did too much........

I have used a face toner from this Etsy shop - Ayelet - , it was good. I liked the fragrance (and not too much glycerin. ha ha). But my super simple face toner works better for pimples. I started to use it since middle of June, and I don't have any problem on my skin with my face toner so far. So I will enjoy my toner and see what would happen.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gohan - Rice bowls - Pouch

New pouchs!
Gohan, again!
Making more with different Gohan :D

Today wasn't good day for taking pictures :( The color of the bottom fabric looks black, and hard to see the pattern. It is Japanese traditional style kimono fabric...., I prefer to take better pictures tomorrow for shop listing. But couldn't wait to show off my new pouch until tomorrow...!


A large package from Japan!

I received a big and heavy package from Japan the other day. It was from my friend from high school.

Many of Japanese foods, quilting books, Japanese craft books, and fabrics!!  I couldn't believe my eyes to see such a large package sent via express mail! She told me that she forgot to include some items in the last package and kept it for a long time, she didn't want foods to be spoiled by sending it via surface because we are now in summer. Also added "You don't have to worry about anything, that was what I wanted to do. It was for my convenience."

But I believe she used the fastest shipping method to cheer me up, since there is no food included in the box which get spoiled. They are powder or dried...

Thank you, Ryong. Always.