Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ball pouch again.

Here is the result of my ball pouch!
The globe was on my mind, there are many ways to show a ball onto flat surface..., I checked some ways, but it was so difficult for me to make a pattern of a ball from it. My husband suggested me to use a sliced melon to trace the pattern in joking.

My brain really cannot think of difficult things, so I just tried to make it as I felt, didn't even calculate or measure to make the pattern, just cut a piece of paper without drawing.

I think it went well so far. What do you think? I will make it some more with Japanese kawaii fabrics :)

The pictures are not good for listing item, but I couldn't wait until tomorrow to show it off...! I also made a bunny pouch!

Taking a good picture in my house is always difficult since I don't have good light condition. It's not too bad when the weather is good in specific time, in night time under dark light is just terrible :( Many of my customers told me that "much better in person than seeing in the picture!" after they received an item. And pictures are very important to attract people. I know that.... I think I need a nice chair for pictures that I can bring outside......, OH, and need to cut grass.... we don't have lawn though.... Awww.