Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday gift for Hana

Hana will be 3 years old 2 weeks later, she is a daughter of one of my best friend.
I was working on a blanket for her doll, and it has been done. Here is the old story about the blanket. I like that I used flannel fabric for backing. It gives the blanket soft and elegant atmosphere.
I enjoyed to make this as usual though...., come to think of it, it doesn't match with the doll quilt I ever sent to her.... (crying).............. Hana uses the quilt holding in half and half part of it is as a blanket. So the quilt will be used as a mattress...., I should have thought how the blanket matches with it...

...... I would see what she says maybe, she may like it better! ........ ................. No....?

I made a small rabbit pouch as well.  Since I have got a passion for making a small 3D thing like the ball pouch, pin cushions, wanted to make something by my original pattern. Hope she would like them! :D