Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Gift from Mai!

Last week, I received a wonderful gift from Mai - SIESTA - !!

It is Japanese fabrics and a book of buttons! : ) I see cotton x linen blend is very popular in Japan, I love the natural atmosphere. I have been hoping to find such a fabric in my area, but hard to find. Keep checking local stores when I go there, I like thicker one than typical quilt cotton, all I see cotton x line blend is for shirts and it is thin.
Mai said those fabrics are from her favorite store, I appreciate her for sharing with me her treasure.

When I saw the button book, I couldn't figure out what it is. Big button.... and...? When I figured out it is a book made by her, I really felt she has a biiiiiiig idea storage on her brain! Apparently, it would never be empty like a big fountain, just flowing out. I am not sure if I want to use the buttons because I don't want to destroy this cute world....

Her shipping envelope is always unique. I believe it is a very good idea to use good quality of Japanese flier or magazine page. I am sure it is very interesting for foreigners to see, even it is enjoyable, also "Go Green!!" I had worked for advertisement agency (design and printing) for years, I love to see fliers from other countries. Especially fliers from Europe attract me very much.

Anyway, everything is her original idea. Isn't it amazing???
P.S. By the way, the envelope made me hungry because of many kind of spaghetti... I LOVE spaghetti.....