Friday, July 17, 2009

Paper balloon pouch

Made a balloon pouch for my friend :)
PRETTY, isn't it??!!!

The pattern and direction is from a Japanese book which was recently sent by my friend from Japan. I was so excited to see the process following the direction, thinking "Is this really become a ball??"

Kami-Fusen (paper balloon) is one of Japanese traditional toy for kids. The balloon is made out of thin paper, here is a ordinal Japanese Kami-Fusen. It is usually sold in flat, and blow it carefully from the small hole on the top when you play. It is very airly, flow in the air long, don't need a large room to play since it moves slowly even you hit it in strong power (it's broken)! I used to play with it in my house when I was a child.

There are so many kinds of Kami-fusen lately even as a decoration. This Japanese website is showing more variety of paper balloon. FUN, isn't it?

I now got a passion to make a ball pouch for sale. But cannot use someone's pattern, I got to find out how to make it by myself.... My brain doesn't work for making 3D things though :(