Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fabric containers - mug cups -

I had wanted to make a coffee cup with fabrics for a long time, and here is my first one!
I thought I would make a pin cushion first, and easily gave up after some considering....
Mai - Mairuru - shared with me how to make a handle! Thank you!!

I think I would try a pin cushion...

To make a coffee cup is a lot of fun! It is very fun for me to see many fabric combination with the outside and inside.

And then, the goldfish one idea came up later.
I cut 6.5"x WOF (with of fabric) of one strip from a big piece of fabric - one for outer and one for lining. 2 pieces total -, it made 3 containers :D
I especially love the thin leather handles...! Cute, isn't it?