Sunday, September 20, 2009

Inu-hariko charm.

I have found bugs ate my pin cushion..... Sad (>_<)!!
I didn't know the yellow felt is made from wool...
Strangely, a large piece of this yellow felt didn't become a food for them. WHY????


I made some Inu-hariko charms!!

Inu-hariko is a dog which has spirit of badgers and cats. It is Japanese traditional thing, used as a toy for children in old time era. It is also considered like a guardian for a child since a dog is considered as a fighter against evils. Nowadays, it is used as a good luck charm, or just a mascot.

Anyway, it's pretty, isn't it? I thought those inu-hariko mascot is good as a Christmas ornament as well.

I ordered little strips with clip hook last night to put on them. I am now waiting for them to be delivered. Once I receive it, I will list them up on my etsy shop!

Have a nice week, you guys! :D