Monday, September 14, 2009

Leaf trees gauze blanket - in natural light pink - custom order

Custom order pink gauze blanket.
She found me on Flickr site. Thank you very much :)

I love this blanket as I would love to use it for myself!

Wondered for a while if I want to do applique with a sewing machine through my previous experience. I think I love the touch of hand applique which I think it matches with gauze fabric. So, I took hand applique this time, it took a while to complete, but I love the result.

Finally used a piece of muslin that I kept for a long time for one of a tree (please refer to the 2nd picture). I just straight stitched on muslin fabric with white thread, to make kind of new fabric. I think this piece of fabric is perfect for a tree. It is much better than solid muslin for it :D

Now, I am going to work on the 2nd blanket! I will continue to enjoy :)