Friday, September 25, 2009

Rabbit Ornament

This design is from my original label. I thought I would make a round pouch in this design also, but figured out that it is too simple when this is larger. I might be able to put a face on the bunny and some decoration to make it not too simple, but I think I don't want to add anything :( So the plan for making a pouch turned into for an ornament.

I am not sure if this can be a Christmas ornament, but it could be OK if you are a rabbit lover.

I draw a pattern of this, enjoy making it if you are interested in.
It is very easy to make.

1. Download the pattern (click the picture above and right click, then save the file).
2. Cut 2 of 2.75" diameter circles from light blue (or any color you would like) felt.
3. Cut rabbit shape from white felt along the pattern.
4. Place the white rabbit on one of the light blue circle, and applique with blind stitch.
5. Attach string or lace on the top of the circle on the back side, and put another light blue circle on the back of the circle you appliqued, sew them together with running stitch.

Hope you enjoy it! :D

Have a nice weekend, you guys!