Friday, December 18, 2009

Where is my home?

When I think of my home, it was in Japan with my parents, and younger brother with his family.
It should be where I used to live with my husband before, but still I was feeling my home is in Japan.

Spending time with my family in Japan for 2 weeks, here is obviously my home, but my new place I have moved in is already becoming a home for me since my friends (feeling like they are my mothers) are warmly waiting for me to come back calling the place *home*, even though my new life at the new place is not started yet.

Left everything behind after the move, just brought my stuff in the new place, and took a flight to Japan. I didn't even have a bed to sleep yet. The home owner generously let me use her daughter's bed until I left for Japan, and now, my friends got a bed for me in the new place by I come home in the USA. I don't have to be frozen without a bed after I go back. I didn't expect this at all, I will never forget how I was impressed by my friends.

I was supposed to be back in American home in 19th, but my flight was canceled due to weather. A biggest snow storm in the last 30 years is now visiting to the east coast. All of flight to DC were canceled in 18th. Now my flight plan was changed to 22nd. Hope most of the snow on the roads will be cleared by then.

Missing my mothers in the USA from the bottom of my heart.