Friday, January 08, 2010

Very belated Happy New year! :D

Thank you very much for leaving me a heart warming comment for the last post. They support my heart to know someone who even I haven't seen in person cares about me. I am doing much better here than a month ago, things are settled down. I have been also having fun to see American culture that I didn't see when I was with my husband.

After the new year's day, the house owner's daughter's birthday party was held. Actually her birthday and my birthday is the same day! What a coincidence, this must be something special between her and me! Actually my husband has the same birthday as mine, I feel even something odd like..., "Again?!". Well, I am really happy about it since she is a very cute girl !

Anyway, this was my first time to see a birthday party as family gathering. It's hard for me to believe many relatives get together for a birthday party. I think this never happen in Japan. Maybe just a family might get together to celebrate birthday for one of the family member, but not relatives with 2 hours driving to sing the birthday song. I could fortunately join the party and sang the song for her :D

One more surprise. She likes an apple pie. The house owner (her mother) baked it for her birthday (and maybe for me too, since I have missed it when she baked it for Christmas). It looked strange for me to see big number's candles on a PIE!! I expect a birthday cake is always like ... short cake or chocolate cake, not a pie. But anyway, the pie was delicious!!

And..., I can now enjoy chatting with my friend through Skype wherever they live, in the USA, in Japan, and it's all free! What a nice program! What I love about Skype is that I can work and chat at the same time, because of hands free. It's very nice!

I started to make some bird drawstrings bags today, cut, cut, cut fabrics and made many beaks today when I was chatting with my friend through Skype. Trying to put them on my Etsy shop this weekend.

Here is the picture of the beaks.

I am hoping to make a pattern of the drawstrings bag, since I received inquiries for it from people. Hope it will get done soon!

Anyway! Wishing you all to have happiness as much as you can!! and Happy new year :)