Saturday, June 12, 2010


Have you ever tried to cook artichokes??

My housemate kindly let me experienced it. He has a pressure cooker - he is a most often cook person in this house -, and bought 2 artichokes to play with (?), when we went to shopping together.

After 20 - 25 minutes cooking with the pressure cooker, green artichokes changed the color to brown.

And peal off the skin (petals), peal, peal, peal...., keep pealing....

Deep inside of the petals... Still pealing....

Bunch of hard and thick ciliary showed up. I first thought it would be edible, but....

They are like a broom. Have to get rid of them.

And only this small base of flower is edible. Can you believe this???????
It tasted like bamboo shoot in some flavor. It is also time consuming to cook bamboo shoot, but we can have more to eat.

Anyway we enjoyed it with some wine before going to bed! :)

Have a nice weekend to you all :D