Saturday, July 10, 2010

My printer died (maybe).

Since my printer stopped to print color of yellow and cyan, I am kind of determining to use it as a black and white printer. I am expecting to go back to Japan to live in future, I might want to leave it without fixing it.

My printer is Epson photo printer R800, it requires 8 color inks to run. I tried all I need to do to know what the problem is, and I think the printer head need to be replaced... or I should try to place new ink cartridges one more time after I wasted 3 of new ink cartridges. The cartridges are remanufactured, so it may work with genuine without problems.

Unbelievably, there is no way to change color mode from "color" to "black and white" on this printer. And still required 8 colors to print in black and white. Since I couldn't set black and white on the printer, I tried to change it on application, and printed it as black and white. What the result of this printer gave me was .... all red and purple in very light color. But depends on application, it prints in black and white.

For now, I set my stationery shop on vacation mode, so I thought all I need this printer is for printing shipping label.

But... wait a minute :(

I like to give my card to my customer on every purchase. Since the color I can use is limited, I cannot avoid to have those Sakura pattern for the card. Magenta has no problem to print.

And, "thank you note", which goes with the card set.
It was full color, but will be black and white with stamping.

I am glad that I have made some stamps for my shop long time ago. I have to change my business card design either. I love to do this kind of things, but hate to have computer and printer problems :(