Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fried Green Tomatoes.

My first experience with Green tomatoes!

Since Nancy gave me many of green tomatoes from her garden, along with some people's recommendation, I fried them.

I had never tasted and dealt with green tomatoes.
When Nancy gave me them, some ladies told me that the best way to cook green tomatoes is deep fry. I asked my housemates if they have ever had them and they said "Well, all I can think of green tomatoes is a movie "Fried Green Tomatoes"." It sounded like ... the movie is very famous, but real green tomatoes?

I was a little hesitate to fry them since their response wasn't happy as much as I expected, so... I also asked other friends if they know a good recipe. And what one of them said was also "deep fry". According to her, the unique bitterness and hardness of green tomatoes match with deep fry.

OK. I would try deep fry then.

It turned out great! I used crashed Kellogg instead of flour since it was there, and my housemate suggested me to sprinkle cheese on them. I think Kellogg and cheese made the fries tastier. The green tomatoes were not bitter anymore, juicy and tasty!

Nancy gave me many white eggplants, other veges and herbs also, I have been enjoying to have them since she gave them. I love eggplants :D

Thank you, Nancy!