Thursday, January 13, 2011

Board meeting.

My housemates are the president and the vise president of Home Owner Association. They go to meeting once a month, and I started to tag along with them to the meeting for my English listening practice. I tried to make notes about what they discussed, it is sometimes hard to catch up or to understand since 5 people keep talking at the same time, they are sometimes off topics, and new English words for me.

This time, the meeting was about 2 hours, I was bored to death the last 30 minutes, but I think I will be able to understand what they talk about after several times attendance.

Speaking of English practice, I took a placement test for ESL at NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College). I actually took another placement test in the last August, but it was for non-credit ESL, I didn't know the difference between non-credit classes and credit classes. Since my friend let me know that I can apply financial aid for credit course, and to know what my English level is, the placement test I took the other day was for credit classes.

They gave me level 4 of ESL credit course, I was excited to know you can take other college courses if your English skill meets level 4. Not sure what I would like yet, but anyway English comes first for now...