Friday, January 21, 2011

Place mats - Japanese garden -

I would say "everybody" who enjoy crafts have some uncompleted projects left in your craft room for a long time. We call it "UFO".

I don't remember how long this UFO was left, but I remember I was going to make a small pouch or a drawstrings bag with the piece. And then, it was left again, then tried to make something else, and they were left again for a long time. Since they were already quilted pieces when I found them, I decided to turn them out place mats. I am now relieved to see I finished one UFO.

The light green and white checkers pieces were already there, so I made brown solid part later, then connected 2 pieces together with the batik border. I had wanted to try to make "reversible quilt" by method of connecting quilted pieces afterward, I think this was a good practice, and I think it went well :)