Thursday, February 10, 2011

Enjoying to draw notes.

Found myself I have been having fun to "draw" taking notes.

I don't remember since when, I like to use a ballpoint pen to write something down. For me, it is not supposed to be a pencil or mechanical pencil, or a pen, to write down, it has to be a ballpoint pen. If the ballpoint pen is made in Japan, I am really happy. The pen should be a free gift from a company that was used for business promotion. I think I have never purchased a ballpoint pen when I lived in Japan, because I always had a free gift pen anywhere.

I think a thick pen is popular in this country. Many people use 0.7 for mechanical pencils or sometimes 0.9, but to use 0.5 is common in Japan. Accordingly other kind of pens are too thick for me, also ballpoint pens. It might be hard to find a right ballpoint pen for me after I spend all pens that I brought from Japan. I may have to ask my mother to send me some from Japan ;-p or just get used to use a thicker pen.

I feel like it is like drawing a picture or playing piano when I write something with a ballpoint pen even it is letters, especially when there are a lot to write. I enjoy to see a little history later how I wrote it, and made a mistake, since I cannot erase it. I have to accept everything how and what I wrote on the note. It is like a life, isn't it.