Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vocabulary quiz.

Every week, I get some handouts for homework from my ESL class. One of them is "Vocabulary Practice". The teacher gives a story in a few sentences and we have to finish the story using the words given by the teacher.

The story of this week is this ;

In order to eliminate the aliens that were attacking the city, Doctor Max had to demonstrate to his intellectual colleagues that his weapon was more powerful than his previous invention. His colleagues granted him the opportunity to implement his new device, but would it deceive the aliens?

And the words given are ; intuitive, prohibit, exclude

I started to write some sentences starting with "intuitive" (alternative forms are acceptable to use, like "intuitively").

Dr. Max intuitively knew his new weapon would work for deceiving the aliens from study.

Then, my housemate said,
"Dr. Max cannot
INTUITIVELY knew the weapon would work because he already studied them, even he demonstrated to his coworkers his weapon. He is trying to make it work to eliminate the aliens. Intuitive means you have some strange feeling on something without knowledge or facts or proof about it. For example, you feel like a person is telling you a lie but you don't have a reason why you feel that way, ....... "

OK. Then, how about "The aliens INTUITIVELY knew the human beings will counterattack."

"Well, that sounds better. Continue."

I again started to produce other story with the new subject of "the aliens".

The aliens intuitively knew the humans would counterattack. They also could realize the humans would produce weapons since they expected the humans would get together at the area where they are now.
This planet had been occupied by the aliens for centuries before the humans were created. They excluded the area from the attack to protect their God since their ancestors built a shrine under the ground. Even any of aliens were prohibited to get in the shrine until all other creatures become extinct.

My housemate continued to give me corrections....,
"It doesn't make sense to me at all. Where the Dr. Max and his coworkers gone? Why suddenly "humans"? The aliens cannot REALIZE the human would produce the weapons, they have already made one and making better one. How did they figure out the previous one didn't work? Isn't it because they tested it already? What does "the aliens expected the humans get together at the area where they are now" mean? The humans are already in the area, this sentence is talking about future. The aliens are now attacking the city, right? Why "Planet"? What does "Even any of aliens" mean? What do you want to say with this phrase? Just say "All" is fine, isn't it.... ", etc, etc.

We laughed, laughed, laughed and laughed, and explained everything I had on my mind to make all sense though, it's hard for me to rewrite the sentences after all these mess.

I had been working on this vocabulary quiz since this morning, and it was already early evening when my housemate started to pay attention to my homework.

Well, I think I can rewrite all stories made up with my imagination to make it sense, but I have to put it on a piece of paper, there is not enough space for that. Moreover, this practice is for vocabulary. I cannot take more time for this homework :( I have to write one 4-5 paragraphs narrative essay this week again. (plus, grammar homework)

Well...., it's fun, I think....

P.S. I got "pass" on my first narrative essay that I submitted last week :)