Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Quilt - 2 -

I thought I would make 2 kinds of quilts using the same fabrics in different design, and cut 2 strips from each fabrics.
However, however.
I still think just sew strips together would be just boring.
Then, how about adding one specific fabric in between of each lacy girl fabric strips team?

I like light green for it :)

Oh no. This green is too bright. It would kill lacy girl team when all are sewn together. But I don't have lighter and soft green than this fabric...
How about white-on-white fabric, then. White-on-white fabric also has lacy girl atmosphere.

Well. Looks better than the light green, but this is too bright also. It doesn't blend in to the lacy girl team. I would like to try beige.

Looks good. But, solid is too boring... Why don't I have beige something printed on?!

I anyway dropped the first design, which is just sewing strips together, and started to sew the strips without making plan for the next step...

Continue :), because I need to finish my essay homework :(

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New quilt.

Made this place mat yesterday.

And I thought I would make a simple lap size quilt in this quilting pattern in a day. Looks like this (below).

Greens or Blues borders would be interesting, but how about "Lacy dreamy girl" color scheme? And, collected fabrics are here.

Well......., started to feel the first design may not work for a result what I want. Just borders with those may be too boring. Still not sure about it since they often change atmosphere at each procedures, when it is a quilt top, after it is quilted.

So, how about this way?

And, I have to have a problem with finding suitable fabric for the frame with the lacy dreamy girl team.

Well, the quilt will not be done in today :(
Maybe, make two quilts in each design would be fun to see the results.
Awwwwww, homework is waiting for me though....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Boy & Girl on Mar. 27.

Yesterday was their birthday! :D
Tried to take a picture of them being together, but they didn't give me a pause.
Since I have a permission to give them wet food every Sundays, I got some cans food for them for a birthday gift. 2 cans were fed for the special night, (usually one can) I think they liked it :)

Happy birthday, Sonny & Chloe :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm too slow for things to do :( Maybe, if I have an organized brain, things are so easy to get done. And what I need to do dairy is simple enough to deal with, nothing difficult, "Don't complain, Don't make excuses, JUST DO IT!" things.
And another things making me energy down is because of feeling so sorry for my friends who lost her father, who hasn't been feeling well, who has a mother being not good,  my sister-in-law has been having difficulties in her life, my best friend in Japan is in bad situation at work, etc. Every time I see the way that my friends fighting to deal with problems, it let me learn. Well, I am again making excuses for not doing things.

I finally got an idea of how to make donations for Japan Relief through Red Cross.

I'm ashamed to say, this is my first time to donate to Red Cross, so I didn't know how to do.
I would prefer to donate to Japanese red cross since the disaster happened in Japan. I was wondering why my Japanese friends who live in the USA say "Donation to American Red Cross".

I checked online how to donate.
I would like to use my credit card to donate, but only bank transfer is allowed to deposit directly on Japanese red cross, or have to go through third party (WorldPay) to use credit cards. Also, contributions given to foreign governments are not tax deductible. OK. maybe that's why. Since I live in the USA, to donate to American Red Cross is the simplest way.

So I decided to donate 20% of my sales to American Red Cross for "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami". I think I don't have to blame myself anymore for not doing anything for them. What I can do for the world is really tiny, but nothing (I hope).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cherry Blossom!

Didn't notice until a week ago that cherries are blooming everywhere. I usually look forward to see Sakura (cherry tree) blossom, though. Since every day passes so fast, I didn't realize now it is time for Sakura.

The weather is getting warmer and warmer, time for a walk! Spring walking brings me a lot of fun to find interesting things outside :) I used to enjoy walking with Angel (a dog) who passed away last spring. I miss her very much...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chinese Phonic Symbol Quilt.

Here is the quilt top of Chinese phonic symbol quilt that I have been working on. Finally the top is done :) I am now waiting for a reply from my customer to know her preference of fabric for backing. This quilt should be done as soon as I hear from her! :D

When I first heard from her about ordering "Chinese alphabet quilt", I was afraid to think of how the alphabets are complicated to do applique each of them.

Come to think of it, I am not sure about Korean though, Japanese Hiragana (and Katakana) and English alphabets can be also meant as phonic symbols. They all show the role of pronunciations; and the combination of those alphabets make words. Big difference between Japanese/English alphabets and Chinese phonic symbol is, Japanese/English alphabets are used for writing in as-is; but Chinese phonic symbol is only for phonic, they have other characters for writing.

I would never know about this if my customer didn't ask me for the custom order. They really grow me smarter :) Thank you! :D

A hot day.

The last Friday was a hot day like beginning of summer. I enjoyed warm breeze from the back yard, Sonny and Chloe had been staying beside the door staring at outside for hours.
It was a busy day making donations for Japan relief event.

Those donations were already shipped to my friend who planned the event for Japan, if you live nearby the event place in NY, Please stop by! Hope she can collect a lot of money from all the donations.

The moon was big that night, my friend told me the next day (Saturday) was the biggest in the last (or next?) 80 years. Unfortunately, I have missed it :(

It was a niiiiiiiiiice evening to take a walk. I wanted to show you all the pictures of the moon :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fundraiser for Japan!

Fundraiser for Japan!
My friend oktak decided to organize a sale for Japan relief!
This Saturday (3/19) and next Saturday (3/26), she will sell bake and craft goods at her girl's school to raise funds to send to the Red Cross. Many of crafters are donating items for sale for this project.


Time : March 19 & 26 (Sat) 10am - 3pm
Place : 67th St. Market (bet. 1st & York Ave.)


All proceeds will be donated to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund of the American Red Cross.
Donations of baked goods also welcome. Please drop-off by 10am both days.

If any of you kind crafters would be interested in donating free items for the fundraiser, please contact oktak! > (Aki)
I am going to make some coasters for donation, also some drawstrings bags from my shop will be donated. If you're in NYC, please drop by!!!!

Thank you!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Artificial Owl

Since the weather is very nice in the last few days, I enjoyed walking in the early evening.

I was so excited when I found something looked like a big bird on the tree, but I found it is artificial owl when my camera gave me a magnified picture. I was so disappointed to see it wasn't a real one, but at the same time, impressed by the person who put the owl on the branch of tree. How many people can think of putting artificial owl on the branch to surprise people??? I appreciate his/her effort for that.
FUN, isn't it.

Quilting meeting.

I attended a quilting meeting today after almost a month. I didn't
realize I was away from my quilting friends such a long time since I'm
so comfortable staying home... I know I should get out of home more
often though. Sometimes my quilting customers/friends come to visit me
to drop or to pick up a quilt, some ladies drop me a line "We've
missed you." when I missed a meeting. Probably that's why I didn't
feel like I am away from them. I appreciate them for thinking of me.

Today's meeting was a big refreshment for me. Quilting ladies talk
nice, funny, delight, which gives me energy. I wish I could speak like
them someday. It was the first meeting after the disaster in Japan. It
was kind of surprising for me to know some ladies remember I am from
Japan, even them I haven't had a conversation before gave me a hug or
asked me about my family in Japan. I am not contributing anything to
this big group which has so many members, just be there sometimes not
always, but some of them still remember me and talk to me kindly. I
appreciate them very much for letting me be in such a heartwarming
atmosphere every time I attend the meeting.

I started to make coasters with Japanese fabrics. They have adorable
Japanese print on it :D So CUTE, aren't they :D

And, working on Chinese phonic symbol quilt (Custom order). Making 2
at once, so one will be listed on my etsy shop when it's done. I would
like to see if there is someone who might be interested in purchasing
it other than the customer who gave me the order.

OH, got to do English homework, and tax preparation, too :(

Monday, March 14, 2011

2 Treasuries at once with the same item!

WOW. Surprised to see my item picked up at the same time in 2 treasuries! Additionally, I just listed this coaster set today :D

underwater circus guest starring the chickapug

Created by longwinterfarm.

Random Connections

Created by FlourishBathBody.

Thank you so much!! :D :D :D

The last week.

Thank you very much for your concern about my family and my friends in Japan. My family lives far from the disastrous area, and I don't have friends who live in the area.
I have many feelings for/related to the disaster in my mind, but I keep myself speechless. It doesn't mean I don't care about it, I don't know what to say. All I can do is just wishing them to be recovered as soon as possible. It will take years and years, but it will be recovered someday....

OK. Move on.

I got a cold in the early last week. My body is trying to be better, but staying in the almost same condition for a week, since I don't take enough rest to defeat the cold. Although I thought I might have to stay in bed all day today after some abuses to my body with weekend activities, unexpectedly I am feeling better. A lot of vitamins might be working.

My spring break was over. I need to check blackboard to see if my teacher posted assignment or not, but I am afraid to check....

I appreciate to be able to have these peaceful life.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Treasury - Sake

Sake! by Fodon on @Etsy

Kind of surprised to see Japanese Sake world @Etsy.
My Sake bottle drawstrings bag is included here :)

"Sake" is Japanese rice wine. I personally don't drink Sake often since I was in Japan. It is hard for me to tell what I don't like about Sake, probably it is because of my stupid experience in my early 20s when I didn't know how alcohol engulf humans ;-p You know what I mean if you enjoy alcohol. Most of you go through this experience and learn how much you can drink, I guess. I prefer hot sake than cold sake, but hot sake has too much fragrance as I sometimes cough when sipping it. I was kind of exciting when I found "sparkling sake" here. I hadn't seen sparkling sake in Japan, and the taste was pretty good. It became my favorite item to take to a party to share :)

About my bag.
When I got this Sake fabric in Japan, I love the texture and the atmosphere of print. I thought this would be very interesting for foreigners. So, I bought large quantities. The price was also pretty good, I remember it was approx. $3/yd. And then, someone told me after I bought it that something related alcohol doesn't give American a good impression because of their major religion. It was a looong time ago, so I now know people in the USA enjoy alcohol. The sake fabric seems not to impact people here, but I still like it :)

Monday, March 07, 2011

"Something with flowers and leaves..."

My customer brought a beautiful quilt to be quilted. Her request for quilting line pattern was "Something with flowers and leaves if you can do that."

I draw the line on the paper first to determine if it looks good matching with the quilt, and thought it might work on it. SO, I tried! What do you think??? I think it went well for this quilt :)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

This morning, I found one email from this website
It was "WOW" to me, because they said in the email that they would like to introduce my Korean alphabet quilt in the section of Language on the front page! (Don't know what month it will be yet) They are also going to include my etsy shop in the article. My answer was of course YES, I feel so sorry for myself about lack of my English skill to write formal letters.

I stopped to produce an Korean alphabet quilt because it is time consuming, I wanted to do some other things than making the quilts like a factory. Since I was sometimes asked about if I carry a kit and the pattern with instructions of the quilt, I decided to sell it. There are so many quilters who can make their own Korean alphabet quilt in their taste. It's not much difficult even if you are a beginner. You just need to have some patient ;p It would be nicer to have your own taste quilt made with family's love than just buying from me.

I might again start making the quilt for sale for people who has no way to get a completed quilt, however..., I do have many other things that I want to do. I seriously need 48 hours in a day or I need to train myself to move around quicker and learn how to organize things in my brain... Wo!

I recently got a request to make a Chinese alphabet quilt. It should be appear on my blog within a month since the due is in this month. Well, my shop is going to have 3 kinds of foreign alphabet quilts, which is Japanese, Korean, Chinese. I really didn't expect this will happen when I first started to sell a Japanese alphabet quilt. We never know the future, do we?

I found one interesting article from the website!
It is talking about difficulties for Japanese to make sound "R" and "L". I think most of Japanese went through this experience, as I also did. ha.
Careful With the "R"! Japanese Language Mistakes

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

After months...

The sewing machine needle has broken after MONTHS. Thank you very much for lasting long time and putting up with such hard jobs I made you do. It is time to change it to new one...

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Midnight Cowboy

It's a famous movie that I hadn't seen. I knew only the title and I thought Clint Eastwood is the main hero in this movie, but it wasn't. I think my brain naturally link to Clint Eastwood, when I hear the word "cowboy". ha ha. I think many of you have seen this movie.
Since my housemates enjoy movies, I often have opportunities to watch movie with them. In this movie, Ratso played by Dustin Hoffman was incredibly great as I cannot forget about him since then.

He has a very good heart, but his life didn't work out well, living in an abandoned building in NY, by himself, being sick, dreaming to live in Florida. He dies in the bus going to Florida at the ending. Joe Buck, who is the main character, played by Jon Voight who came from Texas in cowboy style, helps him to take him to Florida.

I asked my housemate, "Do you think Ratso was happy to die in the bus in uncomfortable small seat instead of dying at home?" wondering Joe Buck could use the money for taking Ratso to a doctor instead of going to Florida.
"Well, he didn't have a "home". He didn't have anything at home. He died in hope which was his dream of living in Florida. I think it was better for him to end his life in the bus than dying in the abandoned building."

Then, I thought of myself, the question came up on my mind means I would like to die at home. It's because I somehow have a home where I can live with dependable people. That abandoned building could be his home if he had someone who he can trust to live with. It might not work this way, but he could make a home by living with Joe Buck until he finds a right woman to share the life. "Home" means not a building, it is where you can live with a person/people who you trust. Well..., he was sick and anyway couldn't live in long future... So... I think it was the best ending for him as my housemate said.


I am going ahead to writing a 4 paragraph COMPARATIVE essay, which is my homework, after quilting a quilt a little. Since I have been learning grammar and practicing writing essays, it is getting interesting in writing English sentences. I think writing this blog could be one of English practice. SO, I am studying even now. ha ha~. Hope my composition skill improve a lot after the class.

See you :)