Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm too slow for things to do :( Maybe, if I have an organized brain, things are so easy to get done. And what I need to do dairy is simple enough to deal with, nothing difficult, "Don't complain, Don't make excuses, JUST DO IT!" things.
And another things making me energy down is because of feeling so sorry for my friends who lost her father, who hasn't been feeling well, who has a mother being not good,  my sister-in-law has been having difficulties in her life, my best friend in Japan is in bad situation at work, etc. Every time I see the way that my friends fighting to deal with problems, it let me learn. Well, I am again making excuses for not doing things.

I finally got an idea of how to make donations for Japan Relief through Red Cross.

I'm ashamed to say, this is my first time to donate to Red Cross, so I didn't know how to do.
I would prefer to donate to Japanese red cross since the disaster happened in Japan. I was wondering why my Japanese friends who live in the USA say "Donation to American Red Cross".

I checked online how to donate.
I would like to use my credit card to donate, but only bank transfer is allowed to deposit directly on Japanese red cross, or have to go through third party (WorldPay) to use credit cards. Also, contributions given to foreign governments are not tax deductible. OK. maybe that's why. Since I live in the USA, to donate to American Red Cross is the simplest way.

So I decided to donate 20% of my sales to American Red Cross for "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami". I think I don't have to blame myself anymore for not doing anything for them. What I can do for the world is really tiny, but nothing (I hope).