Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Midnight Cowboy

It's a famous movie that I hadn't seen. I knew only the title and I thought Clint Eastwood is the main hero in this movie, but it wasn't. I think my brain naturally link to Clint Eastwood, when I hear the word "cowboy". ha ha. I think many of you have seen this movie.
Since my housemates enjoy movies, I often have opportunities to watch movie with them. In this movie, Ratso played by Dustin Hoffman was incredibly great as I cannot forget about him since then.

He has a very good heart, but his life didn't work out well, living in an abandoned building in NY, by himself, being sick, dreaming to live in Florida. He dies in the bus going to Florida at the ending. Joe Buck, who is the main character, played by Jon Voight who came from Texas in cowboy style, helps him to take him to Florida.

I asked my housemate, "Do you think Ratso was happy to die in the bus in uncomfortable small seat instead of dying at home?" wondering Joe Buck could use the money for taking Ratso to a doctor instead of going to Florida.
"Well, he didn't have a "home". He didn't have anything at home. He died in hope which was his dream of living in Florida. I think it was better for him to end his life in the bus than dying in the abandoned building."

Then, I thought of myself, the question came up on my mind means I would like to die at home. It's because I somehow have a home where I can live with dependable people. That abandoned building could be his home if he had someone who he can trust to live with. It might not work this way, but he could make a home by living with Joe Buck until he finds a right woman to share the life. "Home" means not a building, it is where you can live with a person/people who you trust. Well..., he was sick and anyway couldn't live in long future... So... I think it was the best ending for him as my housemate said.


I am going ahead to writing a 4 paragraph COMPARATIVE essay, which is my homework, after quilting a quilt a little. Since I have been learning grammar and practicing writing essays, it is getting interesting in writing English sentences. I think writing this blog could be one of English practice. SO, I am studying even now. ha ha~. Hope my composition skill improve a lot after the class.

See you :)