Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Quilt - 2 -

I thought I would make 2 kinds of quilts using the same fabrics in different design, and cut 2 strips from each fabrics.
However, however.
I still think just sew strips together would be just boring.
Then, how about adding one specific fabric in between of each lacy girl fabric strips team?

I like light green for it :)

Oh no. This green is too bright. It would kill lacy girl team when all are sewn together. But I don't have lighter and soft green than this fabric...
How about white-on-white fabric, then. White-on-white fabric also has lacy girl atmosphere.

Well. Looks better than the light green, but this is too bright also. It doesn't blend in to the lacy girl team. I would like to try beige.

Looks good. But, solid is too boring... Why don't I have beige something printed on?!

I anyway dropped the first design, which is just sewing strips together, and started to sew the strips without making plan for the next step...

Continue :), because I need to finish my essay homework :(