Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quilting meeting.

I attended a quilting meeting today after almost a month. I didn't
realize I was away from my quilting friends such a long time since I'm
so comfortable staying home... I know I should get out of home more
often though. Sometimes my quilting customers/friends come to visit me
to drop or to pick up a quilt, some ladies drop me a line "We've
missed you." when I missed a meeting. Probably that's why I didn't
feel like I am away from them. I appreciate them for thinking of me.

Today's meeting was a big refreshment for me. Quilting ladies talk
nice, funny, delight, which gives me energy. I wish I could speak like
them someday. It was the first meeting after the disaster in Japan. It
was kind of surprising for me to know some ladies remember I am from
Japan, even them I haven't had a conversation before gave me a hug or
asked me about my family in Japan. I am not contributing anything to
this big group which has so many members, just be there sometimes not
always, but some of them still remember me and talk to me kindly. I
appreciate them very much for letting me be in such a heartwarming
atmosphere every time I attend the meeting.

I started to make coasters with Japanese fabrics. They have adorable
Japanese print on it :D So CUTE, aren't they :D

And, working on Chinese phonic symbol quilt (Custom order). Making 2
at once, so one will be listed on my etsy shop when it's done. I would
like to see if there is someone who might be interested in purchasing
it other than the customer who gave me the order.

OH, got to do English homework, and tax preparation, too :(