Friday, April 29, 2011

Bumpy Quilt - as "Vege Garden Quilt"

Here is the bumpy quilt I had been talking about in the last few days :)

Since the colors remind me of vege garden, I name this quilt "Vege Garden Quilt".

I wanted the back to be unique, and wanted to play. So it became like this... 

For the straight quilting line, using a walking foot is common though, I somehow don't like it because of noisiness. My sewing machine (JUKI TL-98) has a feature of foot pressure adjustment.

I set it at the lowest pressure, and quilted with normal sewing foot. It beautifully worked :)

Now, the weather is for planting veges in your garden. I got some vege seeds and ready to ask my landlord for letting me use the part of her backyard where she let me do the last year :) 

I have a friend who has a little beautiful garden deck just for her cooking. Every time she invites me for lunch, she picks up some veges and herbs from her garden. I would love to have such a garden for me, too (>_<)! So, this is my challenge for this spring - summer - fall.